Khiona and Kiril bug

When I use Khiona’s special and Kiril’s special right away, Khiona’s special disappears.

They don’t stack. The second one you cast will be the one you get.


But if it’s Kiril first it stacks…

Khionas overwrites normal attack buffs
She overwrites boldtusk and zim as well

It’s by design and working as intended

An attack buff that increases while getting hit is still an attack buff that falls in the same category

Wu’s is the exception due to it being unique and having the chance to miss. His is a buff and an ailment so stacks with just about anything

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No it should not. Khiona will overwrite Kiril attackbuff.

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You´re right, i tryed again and it was Khionas buff on top, Thank you

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@Kerridoc @Rook

20 closes

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