Khiona and agier

If you have khiona next to agier will they work good together or not thoughts please

Agier does not work well with anyone. He needs help from others, while offering little to no help.
If you put her next to him , you are wasting your attack buff since his attack stat is low and his special does not cause damage. And since his special and Khiona’s special both last only 3 turns and average mana, getting their special off together is challenging enough.
Try Wilbur or Wu kong instead.

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ATM i have join next to khiona if i add Wu Kong does the attack increase

yes, and you should not put wu kong next to khiona, but you can put them on the same team. Put some fast hitters next to khiona instead

Cool son by doing that it would be good against Titans or not

Khiona and Wu are polar opposite color so depending on whether you want to bring in a color that is weak against the titan.
So i think that would not be optimal.

Depending on what characters you have and if you can stack or not, Khiona is a good filler for blue, red and green titans until you get someone who’s strong vs the color. Obviously bring her in vs yellow titans. If you don’t have Tarlak, I’d bring Wu Kong in with you to every titan fight.

And no, I would not put Khiona next to Aegir, as it’s a waste of Khiona’s buff. Someone who attacks, or at least has a high attack stat, would be significantly better. Maybe during offense for survivability if you’re struggling with that, but I’d rather put Khiona’s buff to good use [personally]

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Would victor go well with khionas buff

His attack stat would like that, but I’d rather someone who’s a sniper or at the very least, deals a lot of immediate damage personally. If you don’t have that, then sure- but only for titans. Typically, you should never have two of the same color next to each other- especially defense

no, a significant portion of victor’s attack is DOT and his is very fast mana, so he will fire before khiona fires.
Funny I find the “useless Domitia” pairs better with Khiona, since both are average and gets to fire one after another. First, Khiona fires to give buff to Domitia and then Domitia fires.
“useless Quintus” also pairs well with Khiona. Khiona fires, wait for Quintus, when Quintus is ready, he may already get more than 45% buff since each attack on him adds 20%. Then he fires his AOE…

I have neither of them hopefully i can get atleast 1 of them soon to be khionas friend lol

I would prefer Sartana though, even if it meant to wait one more turn for Sartana to fire, but that’s me.

I’m hoping to get her or the other 2 but time will tell

For Titans though it’s all about the tile damage, so I’d put whoever has the highest attack stats (& is preferrably strong vs titan) next to her