🌑 Khepri – Season 5 Hero – 5* Dark / Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

After the buff he it’s an really good option for offense and defense, if you can’t clear this fiends they can be really destructive, also his passive also very useful.


Got him! Whoo hoo… :slight_smile:


Congrats, I just changed my votes in the second post.


Joining the Khepri club, if i didnt already get Bastet I’d max bim asap!


I got 5 dupe khepri, no El nada and cat, both of which I was aiming for. Oh well


Dang. This is the hardest ive pulled, probably ever… i got a dupe El Nadd, and 2 Khepris :grimacing: i wanted the cat too :tired_face: no Tahir (yet) either.


You gonna nuke the entire team

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I just had a scary thought: Double Khepri hitting both flanks:
2400 damage to tank,
2100 damage to both flanks,
1200 damage to both wings

Well by the bombs alone, plus the initial hit and the fiend damage over 3 turns of course. Maybe a tiny bit of health left on the wings, but shouldn´t take more than a few tiles to kill the wings, too :smiley:

May not be the craziest thing in this game (say like 2 Guardian Panthers), but it would absolutely be hilarious :smiley:


Just confirming…

If two Khepris are aimed at the two flanks, then the tank gets two fiends, and the flank & wings get 1 fiend each.

So from fiend explosion
Damage to tank = 600 x 2 (from fiends on it) + 300 x 2 (one fiend on each flank) = 1200+600 = 1800

Damage to flank = 600 + 300 x 3 (minor damage from 2 fiends on tank and 1 on wing) = 1500

Damage to wing = 600 + 300 = 900

How did you get to 2400/2100/1200…Am I missing anything?

Isn’t better to aim both at tank? You won’t lose damage from explosion at wings that way. Though damage to tank might be a tad overkill, thus kinda lost too.

Also, he turns Bloody Battle in timed battle because you can’t clear the minions unless you summon as mad (and that leaves one vulnerable against Eloise and the like).



Don’t know what you and Nicos are complaining about…I got two friggin’ Papyros…

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Makes sense. That way, even if they manage to fire off a healer, they’ll not be able to get rid of the fiend… since they need 60% heal (30% for each fiend) to remove the two.

Believe the heal is distributed between the two fiends (someone correct me if I am wrong)… so even if they heal for, say… 42%, both fiends will still have 9% HP drain left on them (30% drain required to remove them minus 21% from the heal)… and chances are they’d explode before the next heal

Unless I am mistaken about the mechanics of how healing is absorbed if a hero has two fiends… so in that case, if the first fiend absorbs all the healing… 1 fiend would be removed, and the 2nd one will need another heal to remove

You´re right, no idea what I messed up in my head when I wrote that lol, maybe I was thinking both at tank while calculating?

Anyway 1500-1800-1500 plus the initial hits and fiend damage over time should still be enough to get rid of the center. :smiley:

I think you´d loose more damage by aiming both at tank. I would assume in both scenarios that the middle 3 heroes will be dead after the fiends explode, but aiming at the flanks will do 900 damage to each wing, while aiming both at tank will only do 600 to each wing.
Of course under certain circumstances (very tough flanks that can take the hit, plus dot plus 1500 damage plus tile damage) it might be better to aim both at the tank (as that would add 300 damage to each flank). Not sure when that is to be expected, maybe when there are big minions around?

I just maxed this guy and am having trouble using him in attack. He seems very awkward to use on offense. What attack teams have people found good synergy with using this guy?

I am finding no matter what team I put him on, the fiends just take too long to explode. His direct hit is meh for average speed and by the time his fiends are ready to explode the match is basically over. The heroes with fiends on them are either dead or have healed the fiends away. Everything about him feels awkward and too slow.

Would appreciate any advice because I was excited to max him.

Perhaps you may need another fiend spawner to support khepri. Or any hero that can affect healing. What exactly do you have problems with? As in you can’t survive enemy onslaughts before the bombs explode or they got healed away just in time?

I’ve tried that. It works fine against intermediate level defenses but not against top ones. By the time the fiends are ready to explode 1 or more of the heroes are already dead since the are being hit by 2+ specials and potential tile damage so you have already won the match or if gives the new slower heroes like khufu time to go off and you have already lost.

Using a hit 3 or hit all that’s faster or does more direct damage plays much better and there are a ton of those in purple.

It’s a mixture of both. Getting 9 tiles then waiting 3 turns is a ton of time against top defenses. You either die or the fiends get removed.

I want to see the offensive teams people are using him in to get the most out of him please. :slight_smile:

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Ah I get what you mean. The fiend bomb is more difficult to use as compared to carol’s bombs. My suggestion is to tread more carefully when dealing damage. Against a stall team he shouldn’t have this problem