Khagen against Noor

You know everything, which is better of “Red 5 * Khagen” against “Red 5 * Noor”?

If you are asking which would be better to ascend, probably Khagan, but both are kinda bad. What’s the rest of your roster?

Noor has a niche where she’s okay (minion removal).
All minion removers are pretty underwhelming the rest of the time and Noor is no different - she’s got high stat minions that remove enemy minions, that’s about it.

Khagan does okay damage and gives mana regen and defence buffs to nearby… But he’s slow and as a season 1 his stats are on the low side for a 5*.


I’d lean towards Noor as she’ll probably age better as minion heroes prevalence increases and will likely stay relevant in her niche and your deck deepens.

Then again, if you’re someone who does regular pulls or is willing to wait for TC20 to give you Azlar, Marjana or even Elena.

To be honest, you will get a better informed answer if (a) we knew what the rest of your roster included and (b) we knew how you were going to use this hero.
I personally dont rate either of them. I hold them on the bench at 1/1. So I am waiting for a much better 5* Red to invest my mats into.
But if you need an answer then my vote would probably go to Khagan but only because of his recent buff…
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Khagan is relatively practical than Noor IMO. Although why he is better was actually because Noor is too weak…

khagan is better better between these 2 underwhelmed heroes…might be your second or third team for war…just hope sg will buff noor to avg speed it will be gr8 atk hero…

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