Khagan, Sumitomo and Guardian Kong

I am at the point where I must cleanup my roster. There are too many heroes that I never use, I don’t upgrade them and they just sit there and wait the Kingdom Come when the prophetted heroes exchange will arrive on the clouds.
So I must keep only 2 out of this 3 last heroes: Khagan, Sumitomo and Guardian Kong.
Who should I sacrifice?
They’re all “mneah” to me, can’t decide, please help.

Kill Sumito … and Khagan.
Knog is too rare to be sacrificed.

I thought about that, too. Rarity versus power, versus mana speed versus their powers.
GKong seems to be very good in titan fights, I hate Khagan cause he is not very slow, he is slower than the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, man. Very slow.
Thanks for re-confirming my fears :slight_smile:

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Kong is slightly better than Quintus in my eyes and imho better than Khagan. And I don’t write this because I own 2 Kongs :rofl:

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I definetely prefer too kong over Khagan, and Khagan over Sumitomo.

But you really need only one spot that bad?

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