Khagan should be average mana speed

Khagan looks like a really great hero, if only he was not slow in mana generation. To level his playing field, adjusting his mana speed to average would create something sought after.

This is more than reasonable I feel and I don’t believe it would push him into op status. Would make him useable in offense, Titan etc.


If you put Khagan to average mana and flank him with Isarnia and Azlar, that would be hell of an OP.
You are talking about a high chance of total wipeout of the opposing team. No way in hell he should be average.

He would be a red Guin in my opinion with an even more impressive finish.

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I guess the mana boost would scale too quickly since it would synergize with mana troops. You’re right. His specials is pretty awesome if it goes off.

What if the special stats were slashed in half? Probably could be balanced around average speed but I guess too much work for an old hero. I guess there’s a reason boss wolf (also increase mana) is very slow.

Even if his special stats were slashed, it doesnt matter since the real part of the skill is the mana boost.

I would breeze through all quests with the Isarnia/Khagan/Azlar combo with mana pots. Not to mention his def buff to his neighbours.

On def, this trio would be scary as hell. Anytime during raids if Azlar is successful in launching his special it is usually lights out for me.

Guin with avg mana frustrates us. Khagan with avg mana would strike fear in us if he is flanked with the right heroes. :smiley:

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I completely agree. This is a hero that needs a slight tweak to make it playable. Currently, this hero is pretty much useless because of its slow mana generation. An average boost would make the game more fun and help this hero get more screen time.

I wholeheartedly with you, but I’ll give you a reason why he won’t be changed, he would become seriously OP. This is due to his Mana Manipulation solely.

The following in quotations from Pandemic disease…

“Khagen and Lancelot give a percentage based mana buff. It is worth noting that this power is different than Alby’s and therefore stacks with it. “

“Khagen and Lancelot’s special powers are tile dependent simular to mana troops. 24% mana buff effectively turns each tile into 1.24 units of mana while it is active. This effect stacks with mana buff troops so a hero buffed by Khagan with a 10% mana buff troops would generate 1.34 mana for each tile (i.e. every 3 tiles would generate 4 units of mana so a slow hero would charge in 9 tiles rather than 12)”

Yay! Average speed! and almost fast…I was intrigued Khagan has been sitting in my bench at L1 for months. Now I started researching this as I’m trying to figure out how to best play Misandra. So I put Alby(0.8 per tile) Misandra(0.6-1.8 per tile) and Khagan (1.34) together and #mindblown

Khagen charged in 8 tiles, Misandra in 6. Making Khagan fast speed and Misandra very fast. I did make videos showing this but unfortunately deleted them for storage space on my phone. There is way more info on Misandra and her mana charge, but I just wanted to share on Khagen. He definitely has his niche. I just don’t think enough people are aware of how great he can be with Mana manipulation.

Now, this of course doesn’t catapult him to a must have hero, but he is more than a bench warmer if you know how to use him and pair him with the right heros.


I understand having a niche 4* or 3*, but a 5* should be worth more than the special occasion fight.

I do agree with you, pairing the correct heroes together will make a massive impact, but this relies on you owning some very rare heroes. Case in point proteus/hel paired with Hansel will infuriate mana generation on the oposition, and the synergy dynamic will be very frustrating for the opposition, but you still need the hero pairing. Hel/proteus/Hansel are all still great on their own though. Khagan should be a hero you can take into battle as a versatile hero, being dangerous when charged, but at slow mana speed he falls short. I still maintain adjusting his special to make him efficient would add value to game play, taking him from a hero that is overlooked into one that is sought after. His mana generation boost is his strength but it’s overshadowed by his slow speed. Hopefully the developers see some improvement scope, and tweak him into something more playable.


Completely agreed. Hopefully the developers are reading these posts and considering these suggestions. This hero could get a lot more play.

I also agree! Khagan needs Average speed! At Slow speed…no one, literally, no one plays this hero.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m no one.

Okay, I usually use two healers, in which case Boldtusk is the second. But whenever I use just one (or none), Khagan was long my first choice in red. Since I maxed Azlar, he’s now second … but that still means I use him when stacking red. :wink:

(And green titan hunts? BT-Azlar-Khagan-Gormek-Scarlett? It’s going to take some time before he’s retired …)

Proved my point…

… only if you assume I never stack red. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found a rare time to play him, but that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be slightly improved to be more competitive with other 5*s.

Please buff Khagan.
Khagan has no chance against many 5* heroes because its mana speed is slow and his damage is too low. Only 305% to the target and MINOR damage to nearby enemies. Yes, his has good buffs effect, but is only to himself and nearby allies.

So my sugestion is to change some details and can be ONE of them:

  • Slow mana speed to average mana speed and reduce 5 turns mana buff to 3 turns.
  • 305% damage and minor damage to nearby enemies to 310% damage and nearby enemies (no MINOR).
  • 305% damage and minor damage to nearby enemies to 400% damage and minor damage to nearby enemies.

As you know, today you are launching too many strong 5* heroes and some of them have PASSIVE effect too. So I think you should buff or adjust some 5* regular heroes.

Thanks xD

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Version 20 will have some hero changes.

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I have Gengis Khagan sitting at 3/70 and nowadays i basically use it in AW only.
Not regretting having used those blades on him tho, he was my first 5* hero even before i had 4*. Remember getting him with one of those early tokens when you start the game and i was really excited pulling him [being a f2p too] couldn’t believe my luck.
He definitely needs some rework, but i dont think they’ll give him average mana, with his mana buff can be really dangerous on defense; on the other hand his moderate damage isnt really that incisive so i dont think average mana will make him OP, maybe making him average mana they could lower a bit his defense/nearby allies buff from 63% to maybe 50%. Still like his animation tho with those powerful blows.

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yeah… Khagan’s special animation is the best one… xD

With the arrival of Telluria and seeing many players founding her a real threat I found myself thinking about how cool would be a further improvement of an old hero wich could help them fighting her: Khagan.

These here below are my 2 feedbacks about his previous buff, when he went from dealing 305% direct damage to target and minor damage on nearby enemies to 320% to target and the very same damage to nearby enemies.

IMHO if the damage is what are putting Khagan into the “slow tier” than a balanced Khagan would have one of these changes:

  • the damage should raise at least to 360% splash damage / effects unchanged
  • 320% splash damage / the mana generation and defense should affect all the allies
  • 300% splash damage / effects unchanged / speed: average

Khagan still feels lackluster as a buffer but now it have a damage amount at least passable:
with his slow speed Khagan would achieve 26,66 units of splash damage% / tile while a fast hero as Captain Kestrel could achieve from 26,875 to 41,875 units of splash damage% / tile

Khagan could be a better hero with a medium speed to me.

So now I’m advocating for a further improvement:

  • reworked special damage: from 320% to target and nearby to 300% to target and 100% to the remaining enemies different from his target.
  • lowered bonus mana generation’s duration from 5 turns to 3 turns
  • removed +63% defense bonus defense
  • added dispels buffs from target and nearby allies
  • improved mana speed, from slow to fast

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