Khagan or Guardian Kong or possible 2nd Azlar

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to see what your thoughts are on who should I level up. I am one ring away from a set. I have Khagan and Guardian Kong to decide who to use them on. Just to throw this out I have a maxed Ares and Azlar. I also have another untouched Azlar just in case there are reasons to have 2 of him. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I’d wait to see if next month’s HotM, Grazul, finds her way to you.


Have you gotten them both up to 2.60 and played with them to see if you prefer either one over the other?

It seems like you may have done that, but it’s not clear.


Thanks. That is a good suggestion.

Yeah. I got them both to 3.70 and tried them out. Both seems to have their up and downs.

Have Falcon? He and Khagan go really well together.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have him and would like to. Thanks.

You have Wilbur? If so, G. Kong goes pretty well with him.


Everything goes well with Wilbur. I like pairing him with Wu in trials, for example. I remember once I had to do one single move at final stage. Nice combos and the bosses were gone in seconds :rofl:
P.S. This works well at events challenge too. Last event I used this tactic despite the yellow was reflecting color. #247 at legendary challenge. I couldn’t hope for more. I’m not a really big spender like the usual players in the top.


Thanks. I do have Wilber. I just had him fully maxed. He is awesome. Keeps my team alive. Just to also throw it out, I also have a maxed Gormeck, Boldtusk, Colen and Scarlet.

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