Khagan or Alfrike?

Both are fully leveled. Don’t want both on my defense team with khagan being slow and alfrike being very slow in terms of mana gen. Any pointers?

This is a rather interesting question. Where did you come up with this? Most people will recommend a rainbow defense. So here you have two different colors. It’s not A or B. You technically could do both, but don’t want to be that slow. I get that.

To better address this question, noting it’s unique, it’s probably best to know your other red/purple choices as well as what’s around them.

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My current defense team is khagan, onatel, telluria, Ariel, and marjana. I just got alfrike leveled and I have vivica, and elkanen on my bench. Will be adding another khagan, atomos, and leonidas To that list soon as well

If you were only going to pick one, I would take Alfrike. She actually is Devestating enough to warrant her Very Slow speed.

Khagan, when he fires, just isn’t the same calibre of hero.

I might suggest this defence:
Alfrike -> Onatel -> Telluria -> Ariel -> Marjana

Alternatively could swap Onatel & Alfrike around


In my opinion they are two attack heroes being that one is slow and the other super slow… Alfrike Is A very strong hero, I personally would go on alfrike

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