Khagan or 2nd zim?

Help please … currently my reds are :
5* maxed : Marjana, zimkitty and Azlar
4* maxed : all regular and Wilbur
I have 12 rings … I’m.not getting any new reds (any of the hotm) and I’m not doing pulls soon …

I’m planning to keep only 6 rings for the future and use 6 now .
But on who ? Khagan or 2nd zim ???

I would probably do Khagan in your position, although I can’t say another Zim wouldn’t be better. Variety is good.

I’d do a second zim… you already have a slow red maxed with azlar… zim is great in a red stack for that elemental heal link or other setups as just a cleanse/attack buff hero.

And fast mana over slow. :woman_shrugging:

In my honest opinion. My preference is to go with variety over duplication. Zim is great but I would max Khagan first

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Khagan is my choice. The Kitty is a very nice hero, but a second Kitty will come up together and their specials will overwrite each other so NO added help there. She also is no pounder.

Ii i were u i better wait than ascend dupe or subpar hero.
Why need to rush anyway?

But if there is in need to use the rings, khagan will add more variety to ur roster

Khagan can be a nasty red tank in a coordinated reds Strategy… Especially if paired with some fast supports

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