Khagan mana buff concerns

Since Ariel exist at average mana… should Khagan be buffed to average mana? Thoughts, comments and concerns please?

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He deals massive dmg and he have +63% def buff. Khagan with average mana will be best regular red 5* IMO but I’m almost sure it never happen.


To me many of the core heroes could need a better special’s speed.

In Khagan’s case, with a post v20 damage, it would be too strong to move it to average speed but it could be a nice to have its buffs to not have a caster and nearby limit.


I have to agree with @Radar1

Increasing speed to average Khagan would be pretty awesome. I would have him as a staple on my team for sure.

I understand that Khagan gives great defense, but so does Wilbur. Also, look at what Ares does and he’s average mana. If the fact that he deals damage is the biggest factor to leaving him slow, then they should reduce the damage he does while increasing his mana speed. They also need to look at Quintus, Horgal and Justice because, for every new hero they release, the less capable these heroes will be.