Khagan is Mis-Classified

Why is Khagan classified as a RANGER when he is clearly a FIGHTER??

His weapon speaks for itself. He is holding a BLADE not an ARROW. He is not an ARCHER. Take a look at other heroes for a comparison.

Khagan should be re-classified.
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I’m sometimes holding an axe, yet I’m a mathematician.
To justify my claims, like Raskolnikov.

Stop judging books by their covers.


Google ranger class. A ranger is a ranger is a ranger.

Khagan seems to be based off the historical figure of Ghengis Khan. Or another Mongolian nomadic Khan.

These warriors were first and foremost horse archers. Yes they used the sword on occasion. But they lived by the philosophy of if you had to use a sword, you had failed already by not killing them with bow or Lance.

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I am an AVID READER. Trust me I am NOT judging books by their covers. I AM ASKING A QUESTION!!

Thank you. I am educated and Learned in History, and so familiar with Ghengis Khan. He was a Badass.

However, my question is "Has Khagan been mis-labeled? I am not judging him by his cover, just as I myself would not appreciate being classified as something I am not.

However if you are the DEVELOPER and explaining to me you’re reasons for his classification, then I accept and close the question.

Yes. I have all of the Rangers including Lianna. I call them Snipers.

It’s a game mechanic that was added long after character design was complete.

It’s a gerry-rigged overlay to a pre-existing system. Its imperfect, but more or less, balanced.

Balance trumps out-of-game logic.

Just enjoy and don’t think too hard about ‘real life’ while playing a game where the same here can die 6 times in a war, and still look pretty the next morning.


I envision Khagan in front of a row of ballistas.
He stands there bathing in the rays of the rising sun, his sabre raised towards the heavens.
And as he slashes downwards, a barrage of bolts flies toward his enemies.
“Even high heavens cannot deny the ranger blood flowing through my veins!” he shouts with disapproval.

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White rabbit is a cleric.
Lepus a druid.
Jabber and santa monks.
Red Hood and Neith rangers too.
Heck, even Tyrum is a paladin!

Nothing to say about that?


Thank you Halifax. I enjoy the game and am satisfied with my progress. I have ALL of the Legendary heroes. I AM SIMPLY ASKING A QUESTION because I noticed the discrepancy and don’t know EVERYTHING about the game.

I’ve been educated to the point where I have learned that If You Don’t Know, Then Ask. I am simply asking a question to something I don’t know. I have no intention of causing controversy. I simply wanted to know.

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Rabbit uses white mana.
Lepus loves to frolic in the nearby forest.
Jabber and Santa fight unarmed.

Red Hood prefers to stay away from others after an incident with her grandma. She just does the ‘paperman-style’ throw to deliver sandwiches to the grandma while keeping her distance and runs away as soon as possible.
Neith perfectly fits a theme of thrown hidden weapons.

And I fail to see how you can’t see Tyrum being a 110% fallen paladin.


No I didn’t as about them. Nothing, but it doesn’t answer my question. You know youre looking for an argument /controversy and I am not. I AM SIMPLY ASKING A QUESTION TO SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW.

Khagan is most likely a Ranger because they felt the class needed a hit-3 hero in it.


Then you should know they won’t ever post in here. The forum is for discussions among players and reporting bugs.

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Just to set expectations, the Forum is primarily for player peer conversation.

While the Small Giant game designers and developers read the Forum, they very rarely reply directly — so it’s unlikely a game designer is going to reply with their reasoning on the Classes for particular heroes.

ohhh, I see. Gotcha. Thank you.

Thank you. I was looking for the proper way to pose this, but like I have said, "I don’t know everything about the game.

In fact, I have received several logical, educated responses. TY