Khagan functioning properly?


I’m unsure if this is actually a bug or I’m not understanding. Using khagans special, I’m not seeing an increase in mana regeneration, either per turn such as the case of alberich. Or in the sense of combining 3 colors and having it yield more mana than normal.


He does:

  • 305% dmg to one enemy
  • minor dmg to enemies at each side of target
  • +24% mana generation to allies for 5 turns
  • +63% defense to allies for 5 turns

I don’t remember the graphics for the mana generation, are you sure he’s not firing?

If certain he’s glitching, you can report it from in-Game:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)


Sorry I’m new to using this, I went to report a bug ingame and it took me here. I’m fairly certain the mana portion is not functioning. It shows the icon for mana generation being increased, but from testing, when I combined 3 colors without the buff, it increased the same amount. Also, I thought it might function like alberich mana regeneration and you don’t gain any mana per turn.


I didn’t understand “combining three colors”. He hits full mana (shines around the edges) and you fire him when ready.

Here’s the correct place to report:

FAQ often has helpful articles.

If reporting an error, please use the correct button from the bottom four.


I will report it there thanks Rook. What I meant by combining 3 colors is when I combine 3 gems on the board for an ally with the buff, their mana goes up the same amount with the buff as it does without the buff.


I’m not sure the graphics would show +24%. I would count how many gem/shields it takes to go to full mana, before Khagan fires and after. It should take less gems/shields.

Let us know! :slight_smile:


Having a screen shot or two would help, showing the board right after you fire Khagan’s special and again the following turn.



I think there is a little difference??


He increase mana less then Alberich, and all three are slow mana builder.


Looks like it’s working as designed. Alberich puts up a white diamond with two green arrows, so that implies that Khagan’s mana recovery is about half as much—noticeable, but not great.


Alberich actually gives back 8-12% mana based on your hero speed. khagan increase mana regeneration similar to the stat increase from certain troops you can equip. They act differently.


Khagan needs a serious buff to be a viable 5-star hero. His mana recovery barely registers, his damage output isn’t anything to write home about, and his “slow” mana status is absolutely brutal.

Even bumping him to “average” wouldn’t make most invest in and use him, I’m guessing, even over the better 4-star reds. He’d be interesting with a “fast” mana charge on his special, or if his mana-boosting abilities were marketedly more pronounced.


Rather useless to increase further his skills. The problem is his slow mana and the fact that he has many skills but no one noticeable.

His mana boost is kinda useless, and his slow mana gives the defence debuff when him and nearby heroes are severly weaked or already dead.

As other says, jake of all trades, master of none.