Khagan buff - To max or not to max?

I’ve had khagan on 3/70 forever and i was wondering if now would be a good time to max him with that new buff.

I’m ftp and the only other 5* reds i have are santa and marjana (both maxed). I have the mats but i’m not sure if another slow red would be a useful addition.

Reason i’m wondering is because i maxed justice a long time ago but used her less over time as i got other yellow 5*s. With the new buff though, justice has become pretty solid imo. Is this the same situation for khagan?

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Khagan is for me very useful against titans and rush raids. For the Titan the increase of mana and high attack stats next to santa boldtusk Mariana and Wu kong gives me nice scores. I would say, yes, do it!

Khagan is also a beast in Challenge Events that don’t reflect Fire, where the mana speed is not as important. Since he hits all 3 with the same strength, pair him up with BT or costume Marjana and Santa, and you can clear the bosses with mana potions and minimal other battle items.

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I know he’s “only S1” but he’s a beast. He was doing well at 360% to 3…380% is just a cherry on top

Mines below. He’s to 19 because I use him in my rush war defence

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You may want to use the search option of this forum as there are several that discusses about him being viable after this last update. Or read this:


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Do you have any idea what would be his stats if your Khagan had MCB?

This looks like an attack path Khagan which is what I am aiming for with the costume. He should max out at 872/730/1723 stats.

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Ayt. I have fully maxed my Marjana already and went ahead ascending my Khagan. Will still be slow leveling him until I can get him maxed, afterwards, I will be ascending and maxing the costume version, which is still at 3/70.

Next month’s HOTM is a red Misandra. I hope to get her using free pulls. I still have 18 rings. If not, I may be ascending a 2nd Mits or 3rd GM

I want the costume purely for the stat boost to the base. I don’t see the costume itself as useful sadly.

But I’ll take the CB everyday of the week on him.

Special attack buffed from recent updates make him become more offensive orienated type hero, but from supporting point of view he is no different all the time. If you have high level (17 or above) mana troops pair up with him yes he is more useful on offense and worth to max and fully emblemed, especially for rush attack tournament.

My Khagan is +20, he used to be in my team no matter mission clearing or raids in the past till my GM is maxed, and now I only add him to the team if color stacking is need.

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thanks! must have missed them when i did a search earlier.

@mods - might want to merge the topics?

that’s a really good point with the may hotm though. perhaps i’ll wait till june to ascend khagan just in case i get lucky

Depends what you want him to do.

Mine gets me Top 1k in all the events bar reflect red same as @Liam_K.

I also use mine in my second red war team when we get green tanks and he does me a job everytime there too usually.

Also he’s very good at getting through the harder levels of S3 too.

All around solid hero now

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