Khagan Azlar or Horghall for rush war

I have Heimdall Vivica Quintus Miki and just 1 tome should I use it to flank Khagan wing Azlar or put a 2nd green in with a great buff like Horghall. I don’t mind having 2 of the same colors on defense just not 3

Is there a reason you’re specifically looking at Rush Attack wars?

I have an excellent main defense team with Misandra Zimkitha Heimdall Joon (Clarissa for Arrows or Rigard for everything else)

A costumed Rigard for everything else

what about for other purposes? like there are a lot of aspects to the game; was just curious why the focus on one specific war defence which occurs 1/6th of the time.

If you’re set on only those options I would go with Azlar. He is going to be the most usefull all round IMO; got hefty damage & a great attack stat so is a good addition to Titan teams too.


I thought I made it clear I love my defense team for the other ⅚ of the wars the new rush attack is a whole new ballgame I don’t understand why you can’t grasp that

If we’re talking specifically for rush attack it would be Azlar or Horg. Hit all/fire damage or hit all/-attack

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Yeah no I get it. Was just curious about the specific focus on defence team over all the other aspects to the game like Titans, Raiding, War Attack, Mythic Titans, Tournaments etc… Most advice for ascension choices focuses on overall versatility of a hero. Particularly in “early” to “mid” game. End end game (i.e. 40+ maxed 5* heroes) is usually when specific niche uses of heroes becomes a more determining factor.

Was just a curiousity question is all.

Anyways, this was my answer:

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I have over 30 5*s leveled until they started having rush wars I only had 2 slow heroes leveled Miki and Heimdall I tried to make it very clear that I was only considering heroes for rush wars in name of topic and question raised in the topic. I have heroes for titans but when you make Quintus as fast as Clarissa it’s a whole new ballgame. My normal defense team of Misandra Zimkitha Heimdall Joon and Clarissa suck for a rush war

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Oh wow I thought I was already at end-game but I guess I am only half-way. Time to step it up :slight_smile:


For your specific purpose I echo @Guvnor suggestion to go with Azlar, as long as you can emblem him highly. I have a 4/80 Azlar and he never sees the light of day as I prefer to use my 4/80/20 Colen who is better in almost every way. If I could spare the emblems it would be a different story.

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Cool; this makes the question make a lot more sense and gives a little more context :slight_smile:

I still stand by the suggestion of azlar; the only other question I would have is around emblems. Are any of the 3 classes in excess / will provide an emblem sink for you?

Khagan can be really devastating with his damage when he’s emblemed up. Azlar is great in basic form & becomes more lethal with emblems. Horghall is meh all round (sorry not sorry horgy).

Lol. I knew I wasn’t still at that “end-game” stage yet, even if I have all available buildings maxed, even if I have played since May 2018. I only have 32 MAXED 5* heroes (will be 33 when I max my Greg) :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. I have 24 legendaries placed at 3/70, but still hesitates to ascend them even if I am sitting on 9 scopes, 16 tonics, 28 rings, 20 darts and 22 tabards.

Are all of them maxed? How many are heavily emblemed? Buf for rush wars, I agree with @Guvnor and @Homaclese to ascend Azlar. I have mine maxed since 2018. He is without emblems and he is in my main monored team battling out most green tanks that is not Telluria (I use my monogreens against Telly tanks). Even without emblems, he is supported by my level 20 crit troop and survives long enough to fire his special and end the battle, thanks to Boldtusk+19 with maxed costume bonus (for that healing and attack buff, supported by my level 6 mana troop), to Wilbur+20 (for the shared damages and -44% defense down to all enemies, supported by my level 25 mana troop but soon to be replaced by another level 11 mana troop - still working on it), to Mitsuko+20 (for her to cut the mana of the most potent enemy heroes as well as providing blue reflect to allies, supported by a level 11 mana troop) and to Guardian Falcon+18 (for her to soften even further the enemies for Azlar’s special to deal the finishing blow).

I can’t afford to emblem my Azlar yet since most of my barbarian emblems are with Kageburado+19, Gravemaker+19, and Nordri+19. My spare 516 barb emblems are reserved to Ametrine when I will finally max her, still in the early second tier of ascension yet. She will be acting like a 4* Kage as she will dispel first before dealing damage, but not only to one enemy like Kage do, but perhaps to many at my discretion. She and my Sapphire+19 will be good at wings for raid tourneys, in the same manner how Cobalt and Onyx operates in some raid defenses.

Again, Azlar is one hero head over shoulder against Khagan and Horghall.

No one is agreeing with the way I was leaning. Horghall weaker sword but higher hit % and I wasn’t thinking he would be a lot easier staying alive 3 ways higher hp,shield and buff reducing enemies attack upon him and his teammates

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In rush if the attacker fires his specials first you probably lose (imagine i take c tibs, c rigard and quintus and get 6 purple tiles matched before your tank charges - I win) so I don’t see Horg helping you stay alive much at all. On the other side if the attacker doesn’t get the tiles he needs and your defence fire some specials then all that really matters is how game ending those specials are - I vote for azlar partly cause any hero that revives will die without a cleanse

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My vote would be for Azlar.
With Miki being able to silence your opponents, Azlar and his fire DOT becomes deadly if their cleanser gets silenced and is unable to fire

Among the 3, I actually only have Khagan, who is emblemed up to 18 but I use him as a walking mana generator during Raids. Not as useful in Rush Attack though

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Well, if you are already leaning with Horghall, you might as well max that hero then, right? Most forum-users responding to this thread has already made a unanimous vote which of those heroes to level. It’s up to you to take it with a grain of salt.

We are just here providing our thoughts. In my honest opinion, Horghall overall sucks, even with costume. His insane health only adds additional few points on any enemy team which has this hero. In my alliance, we repeatedly target those enemy teams with the highest score potential in wars as we are farming for points. And when we see Horghall in such team, we already know which enemy teams to farm points with. For me, its demoralizing to see your war defense repeatedly killed, perhaps one-shotted, 4-6 times, in a specific war. I don’t want to be that player. The shame of it. But not all alliance employ that kind of tactic so you may not be in such a disgraceful position as I have mentioned.

Good luck to your choice/s and may the RNG gods be with you in this game.


Rush attack fights tend to be all over pretty quick. Its something of a contest of who does the most damage/ specials the fastest.

In that kind of fight, longevity doesn’t really have as much of an impact in the outcome of the fight as who hits harder does.

So from that perspective, Horghall may “last longer” but he isn’t nearly as punishing as Azlar is.


i would go with heimdall. he has the most utility out of them.

Check the thread title. Heimdall is not one of the choices. :sweat_smile:

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