Khagan ascend or wait?

Hello !

I have materials to max khagan . I am not yet convince that he is worthy . Should i wait for better 5* red ?

Other colors : joon 4.76 … kage 4.5 … frida 3.70
Tarlak 3.70 .

My red stack :

I’d wait. Khagan is easily 1 upped by any other red 5* in the game. But that’s just my 2 cents.

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I ascended my Khagan and He’s one of my key players. I’m only mid-level player, though.

I wouldn’t say that Khagan is worthy, especially if you’re looking to upgrade a red member of your defense. The problem is, if you want a noticeable upgrade to Khagan among season one, you’ll need specifically Marjana. Even so, if you have plenty of red projects I’d wait, because emblems on 4* heroes can let you be more selective.

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I will use falcon and BT a lot until I have a better 5 * red . I will keep it at 3.70 .

Thank you !

PS: for me wilbur is used only for titans and quests.

Depends how fast you will be pulling your next 100 heroes and/or how many TC20 you have running. If you rarely pull then I don’t think waiting is smart. If you pull 30-50 a month then I’d say definitely wait because Khagan is below average.

I am running one tc20. @DaveSonnenberg
2 days pull so 15 on month.
Time to time i am playing atlantis or events pull so … I am hopping more from there . Khagan has nice specials but is dying too fast everytime. I tried him manny times. Soo my falcon will be ready… i will make some tests with khagan + falcon to see if it is working in raids… until then i will keep 3.7 to not regret loosing material

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