Keyboard issue in game chat

Had to buy a new gudget, after my old one died. (Huawei, android) Istalled the game. and found out - the keyboard (google board, huawei-board and other android’s boards) do not work properly in a game. they open slowely, or do not open at all, after tapping to chat (any chat). during typing (f it opened at least) - keyboard closes very often… it makes me upset and do not allow to chat normally…

ways of solution:

  1. tried to install other keyboards - didn’t help
  2. tried to delete cache of all keyboards several times and reboot device - didn’t help
  3. removed my game, returned my device to factory settings and installed game again - didn’t help.

Keyboard problems occures ony in E&P game (((
I will send u all sortcauts with my device settings, game issue and everything u may need. Please help to gain NORMAL keyboard for chat with no bugs in a game. HELP ME!!!

Please contact Game Support (you can refer them to this thread by link) for assistance:

Submitted. Let’s see, whether it helps me…