👺 Kettle - 5* Ice / Blue from Goblin Village

Kettle’s Catastrophic Kitchen Failure should be changed. I propose:


  • Deals 250% damage to all allies and 450% damage to all enemies.
  • All allies receive 440 poison damage per 4 turns.
  • All enemies receive 1320 poison damage per 4 turns.

I agree, the third skill should be a combination of both the first two skills.
Didn’t even realise this hero is slow. All of those skills are not worth being slow

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When you get a 5* goblin, this is the booby prize 2nd 5* hero you get for free?

No it’s random which bonus 5* goblin you get for free :slight_smile:


But kettle seems to have priority distribution as first or second pick
Because hes so bad - i consider him guardian owl kind of bad

But considering the time when owl dropped this might be the crappiest hero they have released yet

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@ferg, hello.
Basically 95% of beta testers think this hero sucks. But they take into account the 5% of opinions from beta testers. I think 95% of people were wasting their time.
But beyond this observation, the following question arises: What is the point of carrying out tests if we do not take the results into account?

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Seems like blues are always either the best heroes or the worse heroes in the game


This is how I would change around his skill

Exquiste Food (45%) (changed to 35%)

  • Recovers 50% (75%) health for all allies.
  • Growth: All allies get 320 defense.

Rotten Food (45%) (changed to 35%)

  • Deals 350% damage to all enemies. (Change to wither: all enemies get -320 defence)
  • All enemies receive 965 Poison damage over 5 turns.

Catastrophic kitchen disaster (10%) (changed to 30%)

  • Deals 400% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals 80% damage to all allies

meh, second deadboot and this useless blue ugly mtf… wish i have rolled 1 green instead of these 2 ;d

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I was wondering if he is maybe not so bad, but then look at the 2 new musketeers heroes today and he just does not stand up to the standard they seem to have set for new heroes.

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