Kestrel vs Drake: a portrait of imbalance

Despite the recent much needed and long overdue update, many heroes remain woefully underpowered. A comparison of Captain Kestrel and Drake Fong highlights this disparity.

Both are fast mana heroes. Kestrel does between 215% and 335% damage, depending on the mana of his opponents, to the target and nearby enemies. Drake does a flat 270% damage to the target and nearby enemies—while also blinding all of their attacks for 3 rounds and buffing the attack and defence of all holy allies.

Not only is Drake’s average damage statistically equivalent to Kestrel’s, he also has the added effect of blinding his enemies and buffing other holy allies.

I understand that all heroes aren’t going to be valued by everyone equally, and that there will be some heroes who a majority of players will prefer over others, but this is just ridiculous. The latest update was a nice effort by developers to take steps to balance the game’s heroes, but there’s a lot of work still left to do.


Take it as it is. There will always be better and worse heroes around and some players with more luck than others.

If everything was balanced completely, the game would become boring.


No, it wouldn’t become boring. It would become much, much more interesting.

The point is not to make all heroes the same. (You’d think there would be no need to point this out, and yet…) The point is to make each hero interesting in its own way.


To make you happy, compare your heroes 4 * and 5 * a ATOMOS and you will see that eventually all your heroes are super strong. :smiley:

I think it’s worth mentioning that you also have to look at their stats (attack, defense, hp). You were only comparing their specials. I’m not familiar with either of these heroes but that’s just my 2 cents.

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Their stats are almost identical: Kestrel = 727 - 702 - 1353 vs Drake = 727 - 712 - 1353.

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What about Dawa and Karil?

Their stats do not differ much.

Both have similiar skill but Dawa only 215% while Karil is 260%.

I’m also waiting for a Dawa buff. There’s no good reason why she is so weak :unamused:
And with the advent of the weekly raid tournaments the 3* heroes definitely deserve a rebalancing as well

I agree. Not all 5* should be equal. But all of them should be competitive and worth the mats. As it is i wouldn’t give kestrel those hard earned rings. It takes months to gather 6. Plus the tome of tactis which seems to be so rare lately.

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While heroes of the same star/rarity are not created equal, each have their own strength and weakness. No hero shall be a substracted version of other heroes in the same star/rarity category.


Tell this to whoever designed and released Atomos and Mok-arr as rare atlantis 5s. They are just straight up bad. And it wouldn’t be so outrageous if other atlantis 5s wouldn’t be the top of the power ladder.

Same comparison is Natalya vs Gravemaker.

Their attempt at buffing her recently was very poor. GM still does comparable damage per turn to all three to what she does to one, while still having initial damage, elemental link and being faster mana.

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Do you have kestrel?

Have run into players that like kestrel, mok arr, and yes even atomos

So if the intent is to “make every hero valuable/interesting in their own way”, then i think that is pretty much accomplished

And the field is pretty competitive the way it is now, we have to have really good and meh heros to promote competition

If i could just close my eyes and randomly pick a 5 to max, the game would have been dead to me a long time ago

Part of the game is strategizing when/who to use mats on, and patience vs insta gratification

There has to be a difference between “i need specific 5*” vs " i need any 5* in this color"

But that’s just me. If i dont like a hero, i dont max it. Dont need someone else to fix that for me


Yeah and i ran into people who liked eating steel nails, so it should not be considered a bad thing.
The fact that somebody likes them does not mean that they are not useless bad heroes. It just means that certain people have an odd taste.

Just means they’ve managed to find a hero that fits into their playstyle which is the whole intent of variety

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While Drake is on average better than Kestrel, there are situations where Kestrel is strictly better. Against a full-mana target, his hit is a full 33.8% more powerful, which can easily be the difference between a kill and a maim. Blinding Alberich doesn’t help; you need the kill. Kestrel pairs incredibly well with both his cabin boy, Peters, and Falcon. Peters parks a hero at full mana, then Kestrel can thwack him at full strength—doubled if Falcon’s -fire debuff is active.

My Drake doesn’t get a lot of play-time. I find the drill-in power of Joon to be more effective for me, especially paired with Jackal.

That said, the lead dev said in the AMA that the event heroes were getting a refresh soon—indeed, that new event heroes were already in planning. Given that Pirates is the oldest event, I strongly expect that it will be the first event to get a make-over.


Thanks, was tryin to make that point but picked a :poop: way to go about it

Really interesting the Cabin Peters-Kestrel sinergy part, never thought about it.

Same goes with Hel strategic blocking mana almost at limit or Onatel.

Maybe not the easier way to fight, but surely the most fun and unique.

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A departed friend led a major revision of a hymnal, and he was once asked why he had left in some “bad tunes.” His reply: “There arent any bad tunes; ya just gotta know how to sing’m.”

Unfortunately the same thing can’t be said of E&P heroes, but I do think it’s true of Kestrel. You just gotta know how to play’m.