Kerb's 4* Troop leveling chart, hurray!

Hey guys!

I tried to find certain lvl 4* troops stats many times, all in vain, unfortunately. I decided to create this chart, since I think I am not the only one’s looking for them sometimes.
Before very fast heroes people were complaining about how useless mana speed troops are till certain level (which was very high), but right now, with them it’s already worth theorycrafting what to level first, how long before starting another troop etc.

Some other details:
very fast - 6,5 tiles needed till full mana
fast - 8 tiles
average - 10 tiles
slow - 12 tiles
very slow - 13,5 apparently (?) (I don’t have one)

And why is that 6,5 tiles? If you level your mana speed troop to lvl11, your hero will only need 6 tiles (2x3 tiles) and it’s going to be full. Lots of new heroes incoming, a lot of them are very fast according to rumors ;).

Regarding 3* troops for epic events it’s lvl18 where you reach your highest dmg and crit. chance, after that lvl it’s useless.

Hope it helps for some and feel free to share your thoughts! :wink:


Way prettier than the one i did

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@Kerberusz, thank you for this! Easy to read and tremendously helpful!! :heart:

:slight_smile: Tima

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Hey mate, either I didn’t find that ooor what’s more probable I only saw the collapsed version that scared me. :smiley: Now I see the whole. Funny stuff I didn’t find lvl28 critical either, that was the only one I did according to previous data and probability. Maybe lvl28 crit. doesn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue: Have a nice day, mate!

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I am happy u like it! :wink:

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Great work Kerb glad ya posted it to the forum!:sunglasses:

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What a nice surprise, mate! :slight_smile: Yeah, that commitment is killing me… :laughing:

Thanks a lot!
This is actually super handy. Great resource.

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@Kerberusz - do you own a table for 3* and 2* troops as well???

Nope, sry, that wasn’t priority.

would be cool to highlight every stat that is increasing for each level

Not pretty, but here you go.


Thank you soooo much :heart_eyes:

What about 2* and 3* troops please? :roll_eyes:

Thank you for this info! I put together a “pretty” version that includes troop images as well as HA Training Costs to max.