Kemeny or Bastet as purple tank?

They are completelly different so who wiukd be better war tank on defense?

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Faced quite a few Kemeny on defense but never as tank. I find Bastet to be one of the most difficult tanks in the game. I’d select the cat

I also vote for the kitty, but here’s a poll :slight_smile:

  • Kemedy
  • Bastet

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I wouldn’t be scared of kemeny at all…unless it’s immune to mindless attack ailment? (Which i don’t think so?)

On the other hand I’d be terrified of the fast dodge but I’d bring some superior wizards along lol

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Bastet all the way. Dodge is one of the most OP status effect. Waste the opponent’s mana. Forcing them to start over and move tiles. Usually, the match is over when you dodge most of their hits.

Pure damage, avg speed tanks are not ideal. Because it gives the opponent more time to get mana, and even if you hit them once, they can still throw tiles at you until they can cast together and kill you before the 2nd cast. Basically, giving the opponent more opportunity to win.