Kelile v Colen


I was wondering what everything thought about the relative merits and detriments of these two 4* fire heros as to do with their utility in a firefight and relative to each other? Which would you choose to level if you had to pick one? The other four heros are greymane, zeline, rigard, and hu tao. It seems most folks prefer single-attack, which would suggest kelile…although I’ve read on the forums a considerable amount of support for cohen. I realize both heros are generally considered sub-par, but hey, this is I’ve got. lol. Thx all,


I am using both depending on the situation.

Kelile fast / Colen slow
Kelile max attack/def/life = 675/686/935 Colen 728/537/1094
Kelile special 320%/306 pts over over 6 turns Colen 180% / 330pts over 6 turns (for every opponent!!)

Random thoughts:

  • against titans a single attack is enough --> so speed ist fine
  • (but) against titans the tile-damage is more important (especially after using Wu kong, Brienne, etc)
  • In raids I personally try not to fight against Colen, you always have to bring a healer to debuff like Rigard, otherways your whole team gets burnt away
  • For the same reason I like to bring him along, when raiding, always needing some luck with enough red tiles.
  • Kelile needs to be almost maxed out to survive long enough (imho) Colen I started to benefit from much earlier

Maybe others have more or diffrent input so you can decide yourselve


I would like to add Colen for raids at some point because he has a greater area of effect than Kelile. That’s not to say I don’t love Kelile; she was my first attack 4* and is still my fave for single target damage, plus she has fast mana v. Colen’s slow.

You’ve got Hu Tao for AoE, who is also slow mana, so my vote would go towards Kelile to balance that out…but I’m also not an expert so I’d wait for more opinions! :sweat_smile:


Looking on your other heroes I agree with @Damaris. Ho and Zeline attack everybody, so a fast singel attacker woul be fine


Thanks for the information and advice all. I am, in effect, replacing nashgar on my team, and was leaning towards kelile. But cohen does seem to have valuable uses as well i.e. raiding.


Oh definitely keep Colen! Just concentrate on levelling Kelile first.