Kelile / Boldstuk


J’hésite entre Kelile et Boldstuk pour le dernier échelon. Sachant que j’ai déjà Gormek ( rouge ) monté à fond.

Pouvez-vous me conseiller…? Merci.


Boldtusk. Its always Boldtusk in the red 4* departement.


I would recommend Boldtusk.
He is an excellent healer and adds 48 % to the attack of your heroes.

Very good hero for titans, missions and pvp.
I do nothing without my dear Boldtusk


Merci beaucoup.
J’ai déjà Kiril au max et Wu Kong.
D’où mon hésitation. :blush:



good choice!

Oh, in titans: Boldtusk’s + 48 attack and Wu Kong’s skill add up! Meaning that if they both use their special skill, then you have so much more attack.


Ah… Je ne savais pas.
Je ne maîtrise pas encore très bien Du Kong mais quand je saurai, mes scores vont bien augmenter… :grin:



I just started using Wu Kong as well.

Check out this thread - I received help there:

And I was advised to use Boldtusk and Wu Kong together on all titans.

I need Boldtusk for his healing and his skill (+ attack) and he is great on titans.

The advice refers to my own heroes.
But it can be useful to read it anyway.


Merci Anja.
J’ai bien lu tous ces précieux conseils et j’ai même fait une capture d’écran pour les différentes combinaisons possibles sur titan.
Demain, Boldstuk sera up à fond et je ferai le test sur titan. Je vous dirai le résultat obtenu. :wink:



My pleasure, dear.

I also took a screenshot of the great advice that I received from @Dante2377 and stored it in my favorites.

Yes, please do let me know how the advice worked for you. It worked great for me. Also on our new titan today.

In case anybody wonders at the exchange, I can understand French well enough … but please do not ask me to write it :wink:


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