Keisha lost account

Hi Dev i tried to save my progress but something went wrong and now i have lost my account and every time i log in it is starting me from the beginning please how do i get my progress back my game name is Keisha and my group is aussie bushrangers

Please read the article carefully. You need to follow the directions (and include all requested items); there should be a “Submit a Request” link at the bottom. Click when you have all items and are ready to proceed.

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Omg please tell me how to do this please. Please remember I’m not savvy with computers or phones or internet give me my A team back or at least Athena so I’m not so upset I think I earnt it

Follow the instructions in the linked article. It explains exactly what you need to do.

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A visual:

From the game, click Menu > Options > Support > Support [button],

then click:

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Hi, i understand your frustration and panic. You work hard and then glitched. I lost my whole game 6/2018 . My phone factory reset its self and everything was gone. I never wrote my account down and was trying to get it back. But long story short i have diffrent heroes, but still miss the ones i had. Sorry wasn’t much help, but i do understand.

Hi Sid2 I am sorry about your lost account it totally sucks I started playing this game after my mum passed away somehow it calmed me down when I lost my account it felt like she died again. I have new heroes now but totally miss the old ones that’s what I want not the new crap that I have now. Anyway good luck

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