Keeping your troops on the level

Just wondering if I should wait till I get 10 troops of the same color before leveling them up? Or does it matter I usually wait on my heroes so I get a better chance of improving your special skill but I don’t know if it changes anything when leveling up troops. Is there any sort of Advantage waiting till you have 10 troops before living leveling them up or will five at a time be just as good?

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The advantage comes when you level. The feeder troops have the same food cost as the level they are fed so you might save some food for up to 9 feeders. There is however no additional advantage like with special skills for heroes

Actually, for 3-star heroes it’s better to level up using one by one. It’s boring but the chances of getting at max level with max skill are better.

The three heroes I leveled up doing this reached 8/8 either before Max ascension or upon ascending. I used the 10 food strategy for Bane, and he reached max level with skill at 5/8

Edit: I thought the OP was talking about heroes, sorry. :pray:

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I have not seen a difference with troops. I usually level as soon as I get them so the ham cost is spread out…

There does seem to be an advantage to getting troops as close as possible to levelling without going over by singles or multiples as available, then doing a big 10× to actually push them over the line and level them.
You only pay the food cost per feeder troop for the current level, even when you go much higher, so you can make some savings by using 10 feeders to go over the level line and as much further as possible.

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The advice is still good. I do the same.

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Better to feed them immediately. At a certain level, 10 troops are not enough to raise the one you are training. What if you could suffer enough are your food stores.