Keeping it Fun: A Veteran's Perspective

This is really, really long and kind-of a stream-of-consciousness rambling. I’ll hide my thoughts and give you the TL;DR.

I'm a week away from my 2 year anniversary with Empires and Puzzles.

I’m a week away from my 2 year anniversary with Empires and Puzzles.
Level 64, tons of maxed out heroes of all rarities, powers and colors. I know how to manage a board, have gotten over 100k on several titan hits, usually go 5/6 in wars, hit #1 with ease on the raid leaderboards, am a member of an alliance filled with great people (of which I happen to have the nearly-useless title of leader as we do things by committee). I can place high in any event (depending on money, time and saved materials) and can beat any challenge at any level that SG provides. Naturally, this means I’ve finished Season 2 on Hard as well.

But this post isn’t about all of that. Anyone can get to this point and, by my observation, anyone who plays the game for two years can reach all of these goals with ease-- no matter how much they pay.

The game still manages to be fun, but I have to work at it.

Let’s face it. There are so many things that aggravate me about the game, and not all of them are related to RNG.

Alliance Recruitment
I get tired of the ebb and flow of alliance members. There are good reasons to leave an alliance. If someone is nasty, racist, sexist or if the alliance stagnates or becomes apathetic… sure. Bail on them and find somewhere else. But… come on now… what the heck is the difference between one alliance or another? Most of us just want to play, get loot and chat a little. Just stay in one place and play the game. There really isn’t much difference between the alliances, no matter what they say. EVERYONE wants active players with 4500 team power and 3000 trophies. Alliance Recruitment is a joke with a boring punchline.

Yes I want people to join my alliance. But no, I can’t tell you that we give away prizes and your life will be better with us. It’s a game. We’ll be nice to you and play the best we can.

No, I don’t want people to leave my alliance. Trying to keep a certain level of play. No, I won’t beg you to stay. It’s a game. If you come back, you are welcome to stay. I just get frustrated with the back-and-forth of the alliance numbers when we try to hit higher-level titans.

It is a scam. Governments are considering legal restrictions.
Oh, and if you get the greatest possible hero roster… what do you really have? Some pictures that can beat some other pictures.
Do you really want to break the bank and spend your 15 minutes of fame on glorified bejeweled?

Have I spent? Sure. I know what I am doing. It’s entertainment, but I don’t take it so seriously that I get too angry about it or delude myself that I’m owed anything. Nobody forces me to thumbprint-authenticate those purchases for these stupid pictures. that’s all me. If it isn’t fun, I’ll stop… uhh… well… at least slow down a little :slightly_smiling_face:

RNG is RNG and (as frustrating as it is) the game would be pointless without it. Still it “FEELS” like the boards are against me some days. Phone-shattering levels of frustration when I lose a raid/war flag, or get 2-3 total color matches vs a titan. It sucks some of the fun out of it when I bring the same team on the same titan and get 110k on one hit… then 10k on the next. Makes all of the time, effort, dollars spent seem pointless merely because it hinged upon the board. So whereas I UNDERSTAND RNG… it inspires apathy. What, then, really is the point?

War, what is it good for?
2 weeks to fill the best chest in the game. Would I like another scabbard? Sure, why not. It’ll keep the other 447 company. Oh, maybe I’ll get excited about the… ehhhh no. I’ll just take my 5 emblems, 3 loot tickets and 10 gems and shrug.

Elemental Chests
Make them rarer, remove the farmable loot. end of story.
Tired of getting excited about the stupid things, only to get friggin boots.
Am I jealous of those who get 50 emblems in a chest? Sure. I have never gotten 50. Only ever gotten 30 max. But that’s not really the point.

In summary
Yeah. I get it. The game is what it will be. Just gets boring. I end up playing like it is a job, filled with all the enjoyment of an automated factory pressing the same darn parts over and over again.

For my own enjoyment, I do some things that people think are either dumb or 'inefficient use of resources'.

Powerful heroes are fun in their own rite, and I have a great roster filled with heroes that many covet, but there are so many that I do not have and wish I were fortunate enough to get.

A list of powerful heroes that I would like but do not have:
Hel, Kageburado, Guinevere, Lady of the Lake, Brian, Master Lepus, Poseidon, Santa, Victor, Mother North, Marie-Therese, Miki, Finley, Kunchen, Grazul, Seshat2 (because I’m greedy), Mok-Arr (on a mono stack, yes he is, shut up), Mistuko, Athena, Delilah – the list goes on and on…

Since there is no “Hero Store” and I’m regularly confronted by lots of lucky people who get lots of lucky pulls… I become discontent. So I look for fun heroes that provide a different dimension of synergy or enjoyment.

But I shrug about some of my powerful heroes. They’re not “fun” even if they are effective. It’s not about winning with the powerful ones for me anymore. Not a single person in the entirety of E&P can build a defense to stop me. Go ahead. Bring on the +20 5*. I’ll still win, prove it and shrug it off because others can do the same thing. It’s kind of like two kids have a Ford Mustang. One has a v8 with aftermarket rims, one has a v6 with stock rims. Still a decent car. The v8 has a little more power, sure. But both would be crushed if I hit it with my 15 passenger van.

Fun Heroes
Cheshire Cat (@Razor knows the drill), The Hatter, Muggy— fun heroes that are recognized by many as valuable. Inari, Redhood-- love those cute little foxes. Danzaburo is fun to play with. if Jackal2 wasn’t stealing all other emblems, he’d get +20.
Valeria-- Can take a bit of strategy and setup, but I have maxed 3 and use her on a mono setup with Ariel and Misandra on any tank anywhere on raids.

Fun Heroes I’d like: Puss n Boots, Black Knight, Red Queen, Rumplestiltskin
Love taunts.
Love the concept of the Puss N Boots card. 3 blind mice? COME ON… that’s the most fun hero in the whole E&P catalog.

We need more weird powers with interesting synergy and hidden power.

I get it. Strengthen a heroes strong points, don’t force a square peg in a round hole (something I’ll call “the Gobbler rule.”)
Does Cheshire Cat need 20 levels of a talent? Oh, man, people have actually told me that I was stupid for doing that. But now I can give him +15% mana boost with my troop. He has won many raids for me with his jacked DOT, and his shuffle is just plain fun, even if it isn’t ALWAYS useful. Does Layla need +20? I say so. Why? Because it’s my team AND she’s the best 2* in the whole kit. Will I tell YOU to take Layla to +20? No. I’ll spout conventional wisdom which states it isn’t a good idea.

The point? My heroes, my roster, my emblems, my choice. For reasons of fun.

I’ve been in the same alliance for 17 months. You know what’s not fun? Lack of coordination, lack of communication and drama. It’s one thing to be understanding and laid-back. It’s another to stagnate. I’ve said it before: This game is not fun enough on its own merit. My alliance is the only thing keeping me in the game at all. Good people, fun conversation. (GO HELIOS)

My advice to all of you? Don't take yourself too seriously and please don't ever act like you are better than any other member of the community. Play for fun, and inspire others to have fun, also. It's a game. Play it like it is an actual game.

People ask me for advice. I don’t give advice. I offer my suggestions and opinions, but I really do not care if people have alternate suggestions or other opinions. Whatever, join the conversation and make it a debate. I won’t get butt-hurt. Are there some things that are better ideas than others? Sure. I’ll share those, but you gotta play for you. Not me.

I am on the forum because it’s fun to talk about the game. I think the restrictions to be a regular are a bit much, so I didn’t try super hard to maintain the title when I got it. I do get tired of the idiots (yes, idiots who fall into the “MORON” category) who think there is some conspiracy or that boards aren’t random or that SG performs some micromanagement to prevent/promote certain outcomes.

It is my chosen missions to fight stupidity in all of its forms, where ever it lives. This may come at the cost of political correctness but I refuse to abide idiocy. The E&P forum is a game all of its own, and I play it when it suits me.

More stuff to say with extra words here and there
This sentence was written to blatantly waste your time. You are welcome.


who tf is Brian?? This is the only one I could think of:

LOL in all seriousness this is great advice and wonderfully helpful tips! Thanks, @PeachyKeen



Brian is the Messiah we all deserve.

Always look on the bright side of life!


This made me LOL

As always; excellent post, summation, and prose.


Thank you @Cvs
You are a great author in your own rite.
This was some of your best work: 🌞 (OPEN) The Helios Family of Alliances wants YOU Errah… Not posting for the shameless plug folks… he did a great creative job. I’m not stumping for Helios (best ever alliance) honest!


That was a close one.


The things you said about “fun heroes” really hit home for me. I have an alt account that I love to play because I have a 3/60 Cat over there and he is a hoot. I’ve been too busy maxing effective heroes on my main account to feed the one I have there, and it’s a shame because I’d really have more fun playing with him on some things. I have definitely told my alliance mates to level a certain hero over another because the one is more fun.


You hit on a good point that I failed to mention in my main post.

I created an alternate account to play with, just for fun and to get another perspective on the game. That is definitely a way to enjoy the game on a broader level. 6 months in, my team has gotten powerful and I’ve learned to play with heroes I would never even touch if I were on my main account. (for some reason 3 gadierus were my only 4* for the longest time…)


I’m glad someone else caught that “Brian” in the list. I kept scratching my head on that one.


Thank you, thank you, thank you - one of the most entertaining and well written posts I have read on the forum. I would have quoted a gem or two, but there were too many!

Apparently, I’ve read a bit.

I look forward to the next installment :smile:.


I tried being politically correct here before, a few times… now I just do it when I’ve been flagged. :slight_smile: @Rook is funny when exasperated.

See? it’s all in good fun!

If nothing else, I mean well.


hugs you :grin:

20 exasperated cats


I’m a little over a year myself, but I’ve played many a grindy game before. Yes the grind is trash, but it’s MY trash. I’ve learned lessons spent in mmorpgs and, yes, one needs to find their own enjoyment beyond HULK SMASH WIN ALL RAAAAAAAARRR.

For me, since I like crushing teams, I cup drop golly gee I mean play around with my defense and try new formations that aren’t always optimal. Yup that’s what I meant.

In my defense, I do try to make my war defense the strongest I can, and usually I don’t randomly change my raid defense to full blown power. I’m just giving away free cups in low diamond. That’s not a crime!

Anyway. Mostly just popping in to say that I too find Cheshire Cat fun. Not sure it’s worth the emblems, but given my other options are Skittleskull and… a second Sabina… I’m not exactly spoiled for choice.


You know at the end of the day if this game wasn’t fun it would be like a job. There is a balance and a direction that I take that would be categorized as competitively fun.
I mean I never go in to a battle hoping that I lose but if winning was everything I probably would pick on lesser opponents(team power not the person) because nobody should be considered less than because of their time spent on the game or because they don’t have every flashy hero. And I’ve also found the team power with the right set of circumstances can mean nothing in the arena. In other words every dog has his day. (anyone can win on any given day)
I just try to keep my perspective of everything on the lighter side. I have the time to invest so I don’t let the little guilt demons get into my head. And I’ve also found that when I am bored or feel like I have run up against a brick wall in the game for whatever reason I can share that within my alliance and of course come here to find some serious and some lighthearted conversation that always gives me a fresh perspective thus enabling me to see the game as entertainment and not as some kind of race to win.
But as the OP stated at the end of the day it is a game. So I’m going to have some fun :grinning::wink:


I’ve spent too long on the forum today anyway. Here’s one more notification for you to open @PeachyKeen



@PeachyKeen, well written and insightful. I can in all honestly say I’m not a serious player but still can win the majority of my raids.
I’m here to have fun. I like fun heroes. I don’t sweat losing cups overnight, I’ll win them back when I want too.
If my alliance loses a close war, I don’t care as long as the newer players learned something because I have some fearless new players, they are ruthless with their emblemed 2-3*, and I mean that sincerely. There’s no way I could do what they do with what they have. I feel like a proud parent :rofl:.

I’ll level whatever heroes I like. Heck I maxed Musashi because I liked the sound his special made :joy:. I’ll emblem who I want when I want. I prefer 4* but will throw a few on certain 5*’s.

If I find it’s not fun, or at least mildly amusing, I simply won’t do it. I’ll never be in the top 10, let alone even aspire to be in the top 100, it’s a game.

Well enough of my big mouth. Just wanted to say thank you for the well written, funny post. Seriously made my day!

Totally forgot to add, “Blessed are the cheesemakers.”


Thanks @PeachyKeen looks like you have found Nirvana


If nirvana means “barely holding on to the last shred of enjoyment or purpose in playing this game…” then yeah :slight_smile:

Honestly, the most enjoyment that I have is playing and discussing the game with my son. I suppose that is another reason I play.


Well, obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.


Consider replying to several posts at once

The forum engine yells. Choo Choo.

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My favorite is the sound Misandras special makes. Mmmm


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