Keeping it fresh... or at least not mindless

Let’s face it… the game is extra grindy right now for those of us who have been playing for a while. Saving the massive amounts of resources for new buildings, then the wait times, is tedious. Those with really deep rosters have fewer heroes that they’re excited about (and the disappointment if you don’t get them can be more frustrating).

So… Questions for leaders of mid-level & competitive alliances:

  • what do you (or anyone on your team) do to keep your group engaged and fun?
  • How do you keep your players focused on the group, not the grind?
  • Or is it not an issue in your group at all?

General question for any long-term player… what do you do to keep it from feeling stale?


We’re not at the top

Until we are, we always have stuff to do

We keep the game interesting by having inner alliance competitions, sometimes even competitions with other alliances we call friends.

We discuss daily different strategies, tactics, we can take to either improve titan scores, save resources, perform more consistent in wars, thoughts on different heroes, along with just bs’n about our daily lives, cuttin up n talkin :poop: to each other every chance we get for a lot of laughs


What kinds of challenges? I like that idea but always struggle with how to make it interesting for both ends of the experience spectrum in the group.

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Well we’re all similar experience due to stricter recruiting

But we do raid bingo for example where you make a card of different tanks, first to complete it wins

We do cup runs

We do titan challenges

We’ll raid with 3 heroes or put together a list of quirky setups to run to see who can complete the list first

Just stuff like that

Pretty common amongst a lot of alliances i think

@Math4lyfe normally coordinates a lot of our alliance activities


I’d be happy to share what I have with you. Use it. Change it. Make it yours.


That would be fabulous!! Thank-you!!

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Message sent! Much appreciated!


Can’t wait to try out your ideas too! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m not here to rubbish what ever BUT…
After very nearly two years of play I’m struggling very hard to stay interested. Yeah I get the odd 5* but always one I have already ( there’s plenty I don’t have :crazy_face:) yes I have given up spending bar the odd small pack here and there . So does that mean I’m stuck with just running in a seemingly endless circle of just the same old thing ???

Any ideas how some of the longer players keep the interest alive would be great :smiley:

Have great day


Do Dark Lord runs with heroes from one family only like all Atlanteans, all Sakura members, all Lagoon members, etc.


Try the other SG game. I like it ten times more, because is much harder and unfair, lol.

The people think this game is unfair, but I would love to see them play Puzzle Combat with no dispellers. And the healers in there are a joke. They heal a certain amount of HP points, not a percentage like in here. Comparing the heal power between the two games, the healers there are at half and below. It is also true this is because the feature “armor”, which doesn’t exist in this game. Armor can be added to increase resistance at hits, like an extra HP. The healers may add this armor or the support heroes.

Anyway, the game is much harder and it’s not even released worldwide. It is a game for anyone wants a challenge and getting bored with E&P.


War keeps it fresh for us. We love sharing attack videos with our opponents, peppering them with memes, and just getting to know each other. We do this in our Line app War Banter room, but any app where most show up will work!

And every game I’ve every played and enjoyed is grindy…it’s the people who keep it fresh. :wink:


we stopped pressure on each other in the alliance and it gave us the opposite effect. people play when time permits them. the game is not a prison. you have to understand that. then we’ll all be happy.


We are climbing to top 100 slowly. I believe we just broke top 200.

We are a mixed group with mid to high-end players. We are picky about who we recruit but have low enough minimums that good players who are maybe low in heroes can quickly build up.

We will be hitting 14* titans soon. Taking down 13s (especially rares) has been very exciting due to the boost in loot.

Discord has been a HUGE help. Game information and tips are always shared and it helps keep everyone on the same page. It also breaks up the grind giving a better place to chat.


We just decided to get serious as an alliance, I think there were a handful of us that played daily. But we’ve had a few new additions recently that have really been vocal about becoming “elite”. They want to get as high as we can, which as the leader I’m all about that. We have begun handling 6* titans and had one 7* titan, but we couldn’t beat it. So that’s what’ll keep it fresh for us.

Personally speaking I have 7 dark heroes, 2 holy heroes, 5 ice heroes, 8 nature heroes, and 6 fire heroes I haven’t even began to level yet. That’ll add to the 27 heroes I have maxed. I’ve been playing right around a year now. So I have ALOT of work to do.


I am really keeping myself busy on my other accounts. You will be surprised you can still be thrilled by getting a 3* hero you don’t have from the token or from your camp. Saving gems to do summons or buy packs. Embleming 3*. Killing baby titans. Trying different strategies with troops and farming and upgrading. It is a lot of fun. So I would definitely recommend another amount. As you said, and rightly so, the main account where I am on level 76 is mainly about waiting and planning, building and crafting and transmuting. Other account can really keep you entertained and if you are p2w or c2p you will enjoy other account where you go purely f2p. Since I keep a lot of stats and do a lot of runs everywhere I got five accounts. Mainly because I am now really focusing on titan loot data but even for reasons mentioned above. This game can be fun in a lot of different ways.

And I cannot appreciate enough the synergy between Brienne and Kailani/Gunnar when fighting baby titans. It is always great to watch! Melia is also great vs. Night Dragons.

And it is certainly pleasing to get those 100,000+ titan hits with my main vs. the 3 to 5* titans.


@Pois1 Have you done Kailani, Brienne, and Melia for dark titans? Just seeing the screen light up with criticals is pretty sweet. :sunglasses::metal:

On topic, I plan on doing a third account just for lolz. That is gonna be completely f2p or at least to the best of my ability anyway.


Definitely about the people.