Keeping high cups in Raid Diamonds is totally useless!

Hi guys,

I find rather useless keeping a strong defense team in Raids Arena once reached Diamond level. Let me explain this better.

I have a 4280TP team and I can go easily on 2500-2600 cups in raid arena, but what’s the point of that? Once you reach Diamond level and continue to go up, you will face stronger teams of 2600 - 2700 cups and you cannot win, so you cannot fill the Raid Chest easily! My color-based teams are between 3800 - 4000TP, half of them 4* and the other half 5*,

Once reached Diamond level, I put another defense team of 3300-3500TP, in order to lower my cups and to be competitive again. Once I reach 2330 cups, I put my strongest team in defense-mode and I start wining easily.

So, if you cannot be competitive for long time in Diamond level, what’s the point of having a very strong defense team in raids? Is this for personal ego or there is something I still don’t get, because you cannot any longer fill the raids chest easily!

Should they create another raids arena higher than Diamond?

Cheers all :slight_smile:

Since I am in diamond I get more 4* and 3* ascension mats from that chest…before it was a very rare feeling to get something out of that…yes it is more difficult…I’ve changed only 2 heroes in my raid defense team on the wings to get more revenges…so i fall not to far down to get the diamond cheat twice a day with skiping the time once…

Yep, you right, even if it’s quite obvious.

There is no benefit to go higher in cups, but another raid tier/arena won’t change that.
The only other goal is reaching Top100/10/1 and maybe some folks even try to stay up there, but its only for personal record or like you’ve said ego.

However, high cups benefit the score of your alliance.

You’ll find that it gets easier to raid as you get more depth. Your cups will stay higher as your defence grows stronger.

Personally I’ve never cup dropped I’ve always enjoyed the slow progression throughout the tiers and gradually seeing myself maintain higher cup levels.

You just need to decide on what’s right for you in raiding. Is it cup dropping for easy kills and chest filling or do you raid for the challenge , the learning and always wanting to improve?

If it’s for easy chest fills then you are doing fine


Correct,… but now I did not in rush for filling chest anymore,… tournament will also help filling the chests…
I enjoy raiding with more higher TP in raid and take a risk… win VS 4.8K TP with using only around 3,5 - 4,0K TP is fun, and if we are facing in AW with similiar defense, at least I already know how to face or asking with other allies strategy etc…


I have Tell and Vela both with emblems but I’m tired of the 90% same Tell defenses that I’m facing now.

My stock of raid flasks is getting low too and I found I didn’t have many revenges using Tell tank myself.

I threw in an easier Sif tank which invites more attacks. Tbh, even this defense climbs towards 2800 before dropping down to 2500 to repeat the cycle but it’s giving me more revenge options. Maybe karma.


Speak for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: Heh heh, I get the sentiment - welcome to the concept of cup-dropping. I haven’t had to purposely set a weaker defense to lower my cups, but I have noticed that my Revenges are getting tougher.

Most days, not enough people attack me to fill my chest based on revenges alone, and since I have more food than I know what to do with, I’m not shy about hitting Reroll over and over until I find teams that I’m confident I can beat to fill up my raid chest as normal.

I don’t have a team that can reliably beat the Vela-Telly-GM combo yet, and so I just pass over those until I find a Kunchen or Aegir tank, as I have good Yellow and Green synergy that can beat those reliably. It all works out in the end. :slight_smile:

I can understand the appeal to cup-dropping to make easier revenges more likely, but I just haven’t seen it as necessary for myself just yet.

Good gaming!

My defense TP is roughly 4300. Every time I raid for chest, I can go up to 2500 or even 2600 cups. When I log off for hours, I usually drop back to 2400; but rarely below. As long as I am in diamond when I open the chest, I don’t really care if I stay in diamond or not.