Keep working on Domitia or or start Seshat

I pretty close to reach 03/70 (8/8 skills) on Domitia, and just summon Seshat.

I have the mats for both, but would like to know if I keep working on Domitia until 04/80 or park here on 03/70 and start on Seshat. I’ve been using Domitia basically for Holy titans and I believe that Seshat could be a great addition for my Dark Titan team… Didn’t use Domitia on raids yet.


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Park Domitia and level Seshat. You will use her in raids :slight_smile:


Even before you drew Seshat, the answer was park Domitia at 3.70


I’m assuming the same holds true for my Jabber :smile:

I got my Domitia to 3-70 a while ago and stopped even though I had enough mats to ascend her to T4 as I hoped to summon Seshat, which I was lucky enough to do inside 2 days of her being released. So for now I’ve parked Domitia and started on levelling Seshat as she will be the better option especially in raids against Guinevere tanks.

Good topic for this picture my single pull today.

Go for Seshat.

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If you play against my Alliance i would say forget about Ses. She is not that good.
If you raid me , i would say level Domi first. She got the protection against holy.
If you where my friend i would say go for Seshat. I got two of them and both dont fail…
One of the best snipers.

Thanks all… So it is a no brainer… Seshat will be!

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