Keep Vela in defense?

IMHO, Finley can fire too soon at Flank - before the attacker sets up their buffs. In such a case most of his special is wasted.

Why can’t you run both? Does the defense HAVE to be rainbow? Finley at LW and Vela at RF is Still very effective and discourages red stacking vs a green tank.

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I am asking solely for war. Alliance war rules mandate rainbow, Telly tank with blue flank.

Curious if you guys would now consider putting Athena in place of Vela. I have the emblems to max her. Slower speed but hits hard on red and the def down is solid (less counters with red for that).

I think that the fast speed of Vela and de Atk down to all is still more relevant than a stronger hit from Athena at a slower speed. Im not saying shes bad , but personally on defense i will still stick to Vela


I have vela now in my defense, but I think to use master Lepus
Defense: Drake / Ursena / Telluria / Vela / Gravemaker
With Lepus: Lepus / Ursena / telluria / Gravemaker / Drake
Someone have testet lepus for Vela ?

Vela is still better than Athena in defense. Think of her as the Zeline, less dispell. I cannot think of a better blue flank than her at the moment.
Is Lepus better than her at flank? I think this would be situational and depends on what team you bring. Against multiple healers and cleanse, Lepus will be better, but against many snipers, Vela will be better.

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After stilll having her at defense with +19 the team performs still okay. There are stronger deviations when it comes to cups won or lost, but it still keeps me in Diamond comfortably. Here’s the team:

  • Costume Vivica +20
  • Queen of Hearts +3
  • Heimdall +8
  • Vela +19
  • Kageburado +5

It is me or she became much more annoying wars though? Considering you can’t stack there indefinitely without having huge red roster and now she cripples attack of entire team …

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Goodbye Vela, Hello Mr Lepus (:


I want to try Ursena in defense, but I am not sure I am going to keep Telly as my tank or Switch out to Frigg.

Since switching Vela, my defense is Seshat, GM, Tell, Lepus, Drake

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I just maxed Lepus a few days ago and have been running Lepus, GM, Heimdall, Vela, Jabberwock since then.
I was previously using C Dom in the place of Lepus since I do not have a proper yellow hero for defence. Lepus is at +7 and C Dom at +8 so it’s not a huge difference there.

To be honest, I do not notice a big difference between the two defence setups. Possibly I lose slightly more often with Lepus than with Dom which surprises me a bit. I thought two blues were going to work better than two purples.

Anyway, I was hence wondering - Should I replace Vela completely in order to put more emblems on Lepus (Vela is on +12 at the moment)? Then I can go back to having C Dom and Jabber on the wings. I know it’s not optimal with two purples, but at least they are relatively well protected there.

Was so happy when I got Vela… Was great in action and in the image as well. She really kept safe any green hero in the team. Now, she can,t be used not even for defense. Maybe they had to wipe one of the two synergeric heroes and that couldn,t be Telluria… At least they Could leave the extra damage to fire or after lowering all her damage stats to just add a fire extinguisher cleanser (against GM,or Azlar). Hope the devs consider some of that as well.

I’d personally replace her with Costumed Magni he is a beast. Def down is better than atk down

I have replaced her now with Magni, and he’s doinh great! Staying roughly at 2600 trophies


Having 2 blues on defense in diamond isn’t optimal. Too many people will stack red and include Mitsuko in that stack. Makes it easy to kill the tank, and then let Lepus and Vela kill themselves on her reflect. At this point, I’d prefer the emblems on Lepus. I’m not finding my defense holding any more cups than with Vela (but it’s not worse either. He’s definitely better when attacking though, so might as well put those emblems on him.

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Replaced in defense by Magni, emblems are better off on Zim anyways…

Can I have my scopes back?? Vela is worthless now, we all save our mats do research, ask questions before using mats that take a year to save and now my choice isn’t what I chose… #givemeastripcoin

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Rubbish. She’s nice. Or to put it another way, if I meet her in defence, she’s nasty. Just not as ridiculously nasty as she used to be. It’s fine.

She is usually the last hero I leave on the opponent team :smiley:

Vela is a joke now. I literally am never worried if she fires, when she fires whatever. Ever since the nerfs shes never been the reason I’ve lost a raid.
I look to my own defence when she was in it. could barely stay above 2500. with her out and c. mags in regularly stays above 2600.

I agree she’s a C defender in raid defense. Maybe a B- in war defense.

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