Keep them or feed them

I have a ton of 5’s. I use single color teams for titans, raids and war. My teams are:


Gravemaker, marjana, boldtusk, khagan, Elena/Azlar.


Kiril, Alasie, King Arthur, Thorne, Richard/Magni


Vivica, Joon, Musashi, Leonidas, Justice/Wu


Rigard, Sartana, Domitia, Obakan, Aeron/quintus


Lianna, Greg, Elk, Melandor, Kadelin/Horgwall

I also have Yunan, Guardian Owl/Kong/Panther, Isarnia and Drake.

I don’t need all of these but having a hard time deciding which ones to feed. Any suggestions on who to keep vs who to dump. Musashi, Arthur,Sartana,Aeron,Azlar,Marjana,Joon,Horgwall are either fully ascended or close.

Unless you have some serious space issues feeding away 5* heros is just a waste.

And you’re definately close to commiting a crime if you have Panther and havent leveled her. If you feed her away I might have to report you to the police for murder. A murder of my hopes and dreams haha!


She’s on her way to 3/70. Just got her last event. She’s staying for sure. I have Yunan but don’t really see a use for him. Owl is slow but looks useful. Kong is ok I guess. I guess I can keep them and just not use them. Will use panther once she’s at 3/70

Neither G.Kong or Owl are really viable options, in their current form mind you. Anything can happen and maybe they get an amazing boosy in the future?

Yunan isnt terrible as a tank at 4.80, if his special goes off he can wreck havok. But thats also the case with most top tier tanks (Gravemaker, Guin, etc)

I’d definately keep at least 1x of each 4*/5* (or even all of them) since I’m a bit of a hoarder.

And I still have a sliver of a shred of a dream hope that SGG will one day introduce trading haha!

That’s my problem too. I am a hoarder as well. Lol

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If you have to eat some of your heroes, I vote for Owl, Thorne and Horghall. Thorne is probably the worst 5*, Owl is just very slow and Horghall’s main role is to be a tank and Yunan is so much better at it.

Just say NO. Do not eat your only instances of any 5* card, or 4* for that matter. Do not eat second copy of any 5* card that has a B or better in Anchor’s ratings. Hero expansion space is cheap. Summoning 5* is not. Just park them and hope that a future update makes things worthwhile.


What Kerridoc said! Don’t feed all of any 5*, not even Owl or Thorne.

There are also a lot of valuable and useful 4* heroes, like the ramming pulverizer triplets for titan damage. (And they are good for raiding / wars)

I have 4’s too. Guardian Falcon/jackal, Caedmon, Scarlett, Wu, all the healer 4’s, Boril, Tiburtus.

It isn’t clear how many of your 5* are in their final ascension … or how many more of the materials you have for that, which brings up a general suggestion:

If you don’t have the mats to take a 5* hero all the way to tier 4, instead of taking them to tier 3, and leaving them stuck at 3/70 for a long time, pick a good 4* of that color and take it to 4/70. In most cases, a 4* at 4/70 is tougher/stronger/more dangerous than a 5* at 3/70.

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I have 3 fully ascended, 5 heading to 4/80, and the rest at 3/70 or en route to 3/70. I need 2 rings for red, 6 tabards for purple, 2 shields for green. Just ascended Joon. It will be a while before I can ascend the next one. I am working on power leveling jackal and Falcon. Will go for Lancelot this event coming up. Will take Merlin too. I will probably only get one or two more 5’s ascended before season 2 comes out. We’ll see

The only reason I can think of to hang on to owl is uf they nerf the poor thing

Space is pretty cheap. I don’t even eat 4’s.

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He would be awesome at average mana. But very slow is bad.

The devs regularly tweak heroes, up and down. You don’t want to be “that guy” who tossed some weak hero the week before they tweak her upward and make her interesting.

I find that I get about three 3* mats for every one 4* mat. For example, while I accumulate 6 darts, I get about 18 orbs. I’ll need 8 of those orbs for the 5*, which leaves two sets of 4 orbs for developing 4* heroes. So I tend to build two 4* heroes in between each 5* of a color (and I always do color-matched training). I rarely take a 5* up to 3/70 unless I also plan to complete it to 4/80 and have, or nearly have, the mats for the final ascension. Aside from the 5* healers, they just aren’t as effective as their 4* counterparts at 3/70.

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Another guy with toooo much money for summons…now i know where the millions for SG came from.

What’s your point? 20 characters

no point, i only saw that you like summons very much…cool bunch of heroes anyway