Keep or Feed Hero?

Is Tyrum really worth ascending? I have other 3* with faster skills. Should I keep or feed him to other 3-4*s?

Hard to answer, not knowing what other and how many heroes you have, whether you are in an alliance that takes part in wars etc.
Do you have another leveled 3* dispeller?

If you have none of him, keep him, if you have 2 or 6 of them…feed 'em to the wolves.

I have OberĂłn and it would appear that he is not worth keeping (just got him). I have Melendor 4* and Bane (fully ascended and maxed). Yes, I participate in wars. Also have Friar tuck and Gunnar

I also have Isstak and Azar in process of ascension. Only true buff dispeller is Melendor (4*)

I meant trash OberĂłn and ascend Tyrum?

Oberon is less usefull than Tyrum, in my opinion.
Do you already have 30 heroes for the wars?
Do you plan on playing the challenge events? The rare level can only be played with 3* heroes and each Event has a different reflect colour, which makes having more than one hero per colour in your roster an advantage.
I didn’t get Tyrum until I already had a team of fully leveled 4* heroes and I did level him. His dispell is a very useful special.


Dont forget about challenge events that require 3* heroes :slight_smile:
I have him, just havent started to ascend him yet

Still working on getting to 30. It shall be quite some time. I have multiple 3* in various stages of ascension. Just need to get Bane’s special from 7-8 as he is fully ascended. Don’t want to keep wasting heros to get him from 7-8 when I have other heroes that I am leveling. Frustrating to not get the special and waste heroes. Tyrum does appear to be really useful and I am focusing attention on him right now. I have room to keep Oberón, but he just does not seem very good because he is so slow.

Thanks. Yes, did not realize at first why O could not use Melendor!

I like how you think! Nope. Only have one

Even when you do have your first rainbow team of 4s, it will be helpful to have a good roster of leveled 3s - when you want/need to stack colours, for example - against titans, against the tank of a raid or war opponent…

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If you’re still getting to 30 good heroes for Alliance Wars, then definitely keep him. He’s a solid Purple 3*. You’ll probably keep him (and Balthazar) for as long as you keep 3* teams.

I have been experimenting with titan wars and have found the stacking effect to work quite well. I often try new heroes out when farming to see what they do

Tyrum or OberĂłn? I wish that I had Balthazar!

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Tyrum is better than Oberon, by far.

Play long enough and you’ll get Balthazar, for sure!


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