Keep On trooping on

I have a troop in my party,. its a 3 * and leveled up to level 13. I just got a four star in that color that I would like to equip in my party in the place of that 3 * but don’t want to lose the 13 levels that I put on there 3 *. Is there some way I can transfer those levels to my four star of that color

Sadly, I don’t think so. I have 4s in all color but one, and I am very reluctant to level up the one 3*. When I eventually get a 4, I will have no feeders left. It’s a pretty bad system IMO.

Keep the 3* for events.

Also, a level 11 3* = a level 1 4*, so all you need is 2 levels on that 4* to provide the benefit of the 3* (in terms of total % increases)

No, but you need leveled 3* troops for events anyways

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I decided not to level up my 3-star anymore and just wait until I find a 4-star star

So if I feed a level 13 3 star into my level one four star do I lose all the leveling I did on that 3 *? Will any of that transfer over to my for star

Feeding leveled troops to another troop does give a little more experience than feeding it unleveled troops, but you wouldn’t gain enough to make it worth sacrificing a level 13 3* troop. You’ll need 3* troops if you want to compete in the Epic tier of the monthly challenge events. I strongly recommend keeping the level 13 3* you have, but do put any new feeder troops into your 4* troops.

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Yeah, stop feeding it and save it for events and also for color stacking with raids, titans, war, events, etc


I’ve heard that before, when do you double stack a color for Titans?

Yes, this. Don’t feed that troop! It’s the equivalent of a 4* troop on 3rd level! (a 3* troop at level 11 has same starting stats (in terms of quantity) as a level 1 4*).

Depends on your bench and the power of your heroes… as a general rule, I stack for every titan. The benefit is in the tile damage. Without getting into convoluted damage calculation… when you stack same element heroes, your opponent recieves cumulative damage per corresponding tile from all heroes of that element. The effectiveness is dependent entirely upon the amount of corresponding tiles on the board (keeping in mind, tiles that you do not have a hero equipped for do next to no damage at all), if you have 3 or 4 dark heroes stacked against a holy titan for example - the results can be devastating with a board generous with dark tiles.

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