Keep it simple? Favorite Color for Teams/Characters?

This is my usual team when going up against anything without Taunt or Riposte. Skadi loves to munch on the buffet of Beras, Freyas, and the occasional Tellurias. C.Rigard + C.Tibs + KH is just nasty. And Ariel keeps them alive and makes them fire that much faster.

Against a team with Sif, C. Kadilen, BK, Krampus et all, I usually run the following. Here, just outlast them. C.Sabina is awesome in shutting down buffers. Vela is great here in removing the attack buffs which BK and Krampus put up (after Onyx or C.Sabina disepll the taunt). Proteus is just all around awesome, especially against Double and Reverse Double, which is where Sif is almost invariably found.

I think 80% of my Raids use either of these two teams.


Nice teams!! Solid combination of characters!

I usually use my solid green team when I’m really grinding out raid teams. Lately, I focus a different team each day of a different color on my YouTube channel. On weekends, I do multicolored teams and Sunday, I perform what I call the Underdog Raid Attacks. It’s where I pick the team of my choice but only use four vs five. Then later I try three on five. Usually pretty hilarious and a butt whooping but fun to try!

I like to crush Green tanks as well as teams in either of the Double formations, especially if they have Blue attackers… I use this team:

G.Falcon+19, Gravemaker+18, Boldtusk+20, Mitsuko+20, Ametrine+20

They are emblemed to the point where I use a Lvl 17 mana troop for Gravemaker to charge in 6, another Lvl 17 mana troop makes Falcon charge in 9, a Lvl 11 mana troop plus emblems makes Mitsuko charge in 9, and a Lvl 1 mana troop makes Boldtusk (with costume and emblems) charge in 9. Then Ametrine is along for the ride just to do a mass dispel with 9 tiles if needed.

It has been quite effective, and especially against Double formations when Boldstusk, G.Falcon, and Mitsuko all charge when I get to 9 Red tiles… and Gravemaker throws out his big damage at just 6 tiles.

Good gaming!

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Nice Solid Team! Thanks for sharing

Red and Purple as they are my most potent mono teams.

As it stands, I’m kind of stuck. No mats that I can use but trap tools, orbs, sturdy shields and enough hidden blades for a knife throwing contest and not a single hero I can pull is worthy of tall boots. 4 star mats? That is just taking the ■■■■.

Based on my roster, Purple. It’s the only color, as of now, where my bench strength allows me to field two basically equally strong teams in War.

Purple is my go-to team against Ninjas, Krampus, Odin, Frigg simply because of the amazing combo of skills. This team got me 24-1 offense on that recent buff booster 5* no-Green tourney where Krampus was everywhere.

Special mention: C-Rigard, C-Sartana and Tiburtus CB are also members of this team.

I have dupes of Proteus, C-Rigard, C-Sabina, C-Tiburtus and C-Sartana.


We should combine forces cause blue, green and yellow are my strongest mono color teams. Lol

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Nice strong team. I’m not a fan of Bera when she is staring opposite the battlefield.


thanks. I also hate facing enemy Bera… that mana cut when she dies is annoying.

Funny that Bera is also a great counter for herself… I don’t hate Bera so much, now that I have my own to bring against her :stuck_out_tongue: Still don’t like it though.

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That is awesome! You can really tell and see your passion for your teams and strategies!!

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