Keep getting the same coloured Elemental Chest

How do i go about getting different color chest?

They’re just random. I got at least 4 Holy/yellow chests in a row recently.

Perhaps the title could be edited to say "keep getting the SAME coloured elemental chest " @zephyr1

Would love to keep getting elemental chests in place of Raid chests!

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Good idea, go for it!

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Got a second Dark Chest with my second account this night

Are you saying I have the ability to change it? If so, I’m not sure where I’d do that on someone else’s post?

EDIT: I did it! I feel so powerful now :grin:


The color of the chest doesn’t matter, it just changes where you farm to fill it.

I’ve tracked all elemental chest for a year, not a single yellow. Don’t care, but that’s RNG.

purple - 8
red - 2
blue - 9
green - 2
yellow - 0

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Welcome to being a Regular. Being trusted not to screw things up too badly has its privileges :slight_smile:

You can also recategorize posts that accidentally get put in the wrong place. This is super helpful for being able to get misplaced bug reports from #general-discussion to #bugs-issues.

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Totally agree, my first ever chest was holy, my second red, 3rd was red and my 4th is holy. Totally random.

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