Keep Featuring Popular Tavern Monthlies

Right now, the Tavern of Legends comes every 2 months and features 4 monthlies on arrival. I expect 2 of those featured heroes will be the new entries. It’s quite possible that the other 2 will start a rotating pattern, much like Atlantis. This would mean once some monthlies have had their spotlight time, they’re out and will never be featured again. Hel would be featured this month, since she was the first monthly, and then she would never be featured again.

We don’t yet know what SG’s plans are for tavern feature patterns, but I hope they keep doing what they’ve been doing–Skipping those set patterns and always including at least one monthly that we all love. We’ve seen Gravemaker featured twice already. I love that. Please keep that coming–More Gravemaker, Seshat, Alasie, Alberich, etc. All the good ones. If SG’s still deciding whether to keep a set & robotic pattern for Tavern summons, here’s my humble input–Please don’t :slight_smile: I think it would be best to put in our 2 cents before the pattern even begins, if it’s coming.

I think the changes off both atlantis and tol will change next year.

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I have better idea: howabout running ToL monthly? There should be no problem to run it and NT in parallel, especially since each uses different kind of energy.


…? You think the Atlantis featured pattern will change? That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. They might scrap returning monthlies away from that portal altogether, actually

Yeah! I’m sure they can fit in the same month. I wouldn’t want them simultaneously; that’d be too much a handful for me. But there are still other parts of a month that could use filling. I don’t know if SG wants events on literally every day of every month to stop them from getting trivialized, but it sure wouldn’t hurt me. I don’t really have much of anything to do if there isn’t an event going

Date of that is posted 23rd May. I have said in other posts is atlantis still having hotm featured,
In 2021 Never got a response from anyone.
I’m pretty sure they gonna phase it out.

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