Keep continue FULL MONTH CHALLENGE event

Hi guys, do you agree if SG keep giving us FULL MONTH challenge event (similiar like halloween, xmas, bunny and sand events)?

So events for full month like this not only have to be on special occasion, but every month should be available (and we can use our token to draw the heroes)

In summary there are total 3 events each months which are:

  1. FULL MONTH EVENTS for 30 days (can use token to draw NEW heroes)
  2. Monthly events on second week (such as avalon, pirates, etc) for 3 days can only use gems
  3. Atlantis summon for 3 days on 4th week. Can only use gems

This way we can keep entertained to use our flags for something worth it rather than doing mundane farming forever.

Please give ur opinion and vote if u agree

I really liked the Halloween and Christmas events, and am looking forward to the spring and summer ones returning.

I personally find there are a fair number of places I spend flags outside of farming, most of which you identified —monthly challenge events, season 2 new levels, rare quests every 10 days, filling Elemental chests every couple of weeks, and the occasional regular quest worth doing like Recruits 2 when it has an epic troop token at the end. Sometimes all of that actually makes it hard to keep up with regular farming for me, and having enough recruits for instance.

With the monthly events, that gets even a bit harder. Christmas was easier to manage, since it’s actually the whole month, instead of 2 weeks. So if more “seasonal” or monthly events are introduced, I’d be a fan of them at least lasting for closer to a month.

But with challenge quests and raid challenges coming in 2019, I personally feel like there will be enough content for me over the course of each month that having the seasonal events as a sort of “bonus” content is more sustainable than having an additional big event each month.

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