Keep being attacked while online?

I’ve been attacked twice while online and lost 80+ points.
Another error caused be to loose a battle while I still had 4 fighters.

There is often a delay in notification of being attacked.
Just check when you were attacked and see if it was before you logged back on but were not notified
This will often be the cause of this matter.
If not there are many posts on this in the forum which would be the correct place to add this

I was online at the time of the attacks. Had not been kicked off due to inactivity. My hard work undone in an hour and a half. :frowning:

If I’m supposed to report this elsewhere, please tell me where. Been on an hour just finding this forum.

Just to be 100% clear, those attacks say they happened 1 hour, then 43 minutes, and then 41 minutes before you took that picture. You’re saying you were online and active for the full hour prior to taking the picture here?

I say “active” because if you leave the E&P window open on your device but it doesn’t have focus and activity, the game will consider you offline after a little while.

If it is the case that you were online and active for the full hour prior to taking this picture, then you should file a support ticket by following the in-game link.

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