Keep Atlantis Rising going until Season 3!

This already happened before Atlantis Rising. Players that could complete all Normal and Hard stages had to wait until next Atlantis Summons to get more coins. Players could not collect the bonus Season Mission coins until province 27 was unlocked. Province 27 was not even on the world map until Province 24 unlocked.

Unlocking Atlantis provinces and Atlantis Rising are both marketing techniques to increase revenue.

Dev Tim has said they want to eventually add trading, but not this year ( see notes ). I can afford the roster space and I expect Proteus and Wilbur to be high value trade heroes in the future.


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Dev Tim ( emphasis added )


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Hi and thank you, I was aware of all this.
My suggestion was to keep the new map changes as it was during this last Atlantis instead of removing it, knowing they more than likely wouldn’t, but hey , nothing wrong with asking though is there, lol.


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Okay. Asking is cool.

I was just confused. I though we were discussing it.


So you would suggest, that the seadragon can appear all month?

Perhaps the seadragon could be rare ( X% ) during Atlantis Rising but ultra rare ( 0.07 * X% ) during the rest of the month.

This would reward players for farming season 2, but not give them a huge advantage.


That is 100%

Most players wouldn’t or don’t farm s2 because of the cost of flags compared to what we get in rewards.

The less 3 flags, extra rewards and the drop of a few coins would/might encourage more to farm s2 making it useful once you have completed it.

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May just be RNG, but I’ve been noticing more coins dropping from wanted chests the last few weeks

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I agree the Atlantis Rises should keep going even without the Atlantis event

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I get coins throughout the month from mystic missions, monster chest, titan chest and other places from time to time, not too often but they do appear now and then.

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Atlantis sinking

The -3we and +50% loot is a game balance issue:

Based on the first Atlantis Rising it is actually x2.5 faster ( 7.444 recruits per 1we / 3 recruits per 1we ) to x3.0 faster ( 1.5 loot / 0.5 world energy cost ).

More stuff

Rumors from Beta say titans will drop special titan parts and a Level 10 Advanced house will produce 43,800 recruits per year. So these will increase what battle items you can make and how fast you can level your heroes.


Firstly we get 144 flags a day, that’s in a 24hr period considering your using them at a rate that allows W.E to continuously refill.

S1; doing P8 L7 at 3 flags per game allows for 48 hits a day.
On average you get 7 to 10 recruits per game so lets say 8 for this calculation which adds up to around 380 recruits per day.
On average the XP is around 850 so times that by 48 and you get around 40 thousand XP a day.

S2; P5 L6 chosen randomly requires 6 flags in normal and 10 in hard. So based on 6 flags you would get 24 hits per day.
On average the recruits are 10 to 12 for normal so lets say 11 making it around 264 recruits per day.
XP on average is around 1600 so that times 24 equals 38 thousand XP per day.

For both seasons the odds and amounts decrease as you go up in levels and require to use more flags making them less tempting to farm.

Having said that s2 is far better when it comes to the amount of training and crafting items than s1 but only worthwhile within the lower proveinances as they become less worthwhile as you use more flags in the upper levels.

So where your farming depends would depend on what your chasing which is either crafting/training items or recruits to run your tc20.

Not that much difference in XP but still better in s1 than s2 and again lessens as you use upper levels in both in you count per flag results.

s1 for recruits and XP
s2 for items


S2 15-8 hard. Best of both worlds. Good crafting items and almost as many recruits/WE as s1 8-7.

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15/8 uses 12 W.E’s making 4 times the amount which would mean 36 recruits. I have never seen any s2 hard level give more than 24 in hard yet making it only 6 per 3 flags at best.
XP is about 2800 to at times but rare around the 3000 which is still less than 8/7 at 3400 for the same amount of flags.
Agreed with the items side of it though.

Keep in mind my descriptions are only averages as I farm 8/7 to fill my chest twice a day so I know I mostly get more often than not 9/10 recruits per hit which greatly increase my averages.

I farm s2 at different levels for items between chest refills.

As I have 6k’s plus of recruits stored, atm they are not me big issue but when I am refilling my storage I only farm 8/7 till I reach my quota and average well over 3 a day based on the time I have to play.

Not sure if you have played 15-8 hard, but I farm it all the time. It yields just over 34 recruits/run.




Thanks, nice, first time I have seen so many recruits in S2 on any level.

Will play it now a see myself.


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I use s1 8-7 for monster chests. I use s2 15-8 hard for all else.

Can never have too many recruits!

Happy farming :slight_smile:


Haven’t tried 15-8 but maybe I should. I’m only at province 9 but stick to season 2 province 9 mainly for backpacks.

My problem is, ever since Atlantis rises I’m not seeing the same results before it. Which sucks using 10 energy and not getting anything. 2 backpacks and 3 tops. Come on

Hi. I did just do that level and did get pretty much exactly what you show on your screenshot, and obvisously a level I haven’t redone before BUT have a look at where I was coming from having also just done this level in my screenshot.

Higher level and nowhere near close although XP is higher on this attempt.

Sorry , province 1 level 9

I agree. I never saw close to the returns on recruits/WE anywhere but 15-8 hard and 15-9 normal. During Atlantis rises, I actually farmed 15-9 normal and received more than 7 recruits/WE.

I’ll be farming that stage during Atlantis rises.



Unfortunately I have to use battle items for 2.15-8H, which defeats the purpose of farming.

I did use loot tickets on 2.15-8H.

Atlantis Rising

Then after I unlocked 2.15-8H, Atlantis rising happened and now I save all my loot tickets.

Season 1 versus Season 2

That is why @BarryWuzHere created his farming spread sheet. It includes Season 1, Season 2, Avatar missions, and Atlantis Rising.

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