Kasreck is too powerful in raids



Experiment started: Alasie, GM, Aife, Guin and Hel, all maxed.
Initial position Global 64th, with 2761 cups.

Let’s see what happens once I log off. :upside_down_face:


Stacking 4 red would be overkill against poor Aife - what did she ever do to you to deserve this? :joy::joy:


She’s a horrible cannibal. She chewed her way to max by feeding exclusively on other Aifes. She’s EVIL I say! :japanese_ogre::imp::smiling_imp:



This might sound crazy but this is the first time I noticed 1* heroes have only two tiers


Kash was a bother in Gold arena but I like seeing him in Platinum.


I don’t understand aife tank lmao. 2700 cups, why are you cup dropping? You can hang with the best obviously


Somebody joked about the abilities of the rest of the team being able support even Aife as a tank, so I decided to see what would happen if someone really tried it.
The team, Aife included, is actually good enough to hold high platinum to low diamond so far. It was the revenge hits for my morning chest filling which dropped me out of diamond.

At the end of the day I’ll put my normal defense team back up, or maybe swap in Zeline for Aife and see if the different combo is better at cup holding than my default.


Final results of 24 hours using an Aife tank:
2385 cups, 38807th place global.
The only raiding I did in that period was to fill a chest today.
It took about 8 hours for revenge raiding to knock me back to Platinum tier. I forgot to keep track of the first overnight hours, but in the last 18, there were 42 attacks made against me, both raids and revenge, of which 21, exactly 50%, were successful. Oddly, none in the last 5 hours.

My conclusion: The Aife team was surprisingly viable, but it’s the other heroes being so good, not Aife, that makes the difference. Drop a half-decent tank in there instead of a 1* and it’ll shine a lot better.
As a cup dropping exercise, it was actually a failure. I didn’t drop far enough for it to make a significant difference in the difficulty of raid matches, to judge by my raid chest fights.