Kashrek or Melendor?


Which hero should i ascend against titans? I have materials only for one of them itm. Another green hero i have is Kadilen 2/60. That’s all for now.

I fight against 7*/8* titans.

Not sure particularly about titans, but as a red-heavy raider I despise Kashhrek and view Melendor like a piñata!

So Kashhrek for me.

For titans Melendor. He has higher attack so he deals more dmg.

Kasshrek is a great tank for your defensive team, but isn’t much use anywhere else. Melendor is squishy for a healer, but has great tile damage and will serve you better in the future as you gain and fight against 5*s.


Thanks for answers, as I said i need hero for better DMG on titans, than i will upgrade Melendor

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