Kashrek or Drake Fong Tank?

So everyone already knows Kashrek is the best 4* tank, however I keep reading here that Drank Fong is really good as well. (Yes I know he is a 5*)

I recently promoted Drake to rank 4 and have also recently started working on Kashrek he is only rank 2 right now, so I thought I would ask here before maxing out Kashrek if its even worth maxing him still?

Should I go ahead and plan on maxing out Kashrek or settle for Drake as my defensive tank?

Current defensive team is Panther - Drake - BT - Caedmon - Tiburtus in that order. I had planned to max out Kashrek and then switch up my team to Panther - BT - Kashrek - Sonya - Tiburtus.

All hero’s are maxed rank here, just need to finish up Panther and Drake to 80 and level Kashrek of course if you guys feel thats best choice.

So suggestions? Drake or Kash?

Don’t take out Drake, he’s a fast mana speed 5* hero. I personally would keep working on Drake. He may not be the best tanks but he’s the best one you’ll have.

Keep drake as tank. Definitely better than Kash. I used Kash for the longest as tank. He will hold you best till platinum. :laughing:


Kashhrek being the best 4* tank is very arguable (I think BT, Rigard and maybe even Li Xiu are better tanks, though he will keep his flanks alive for a long, long time indeed).

I do not have Fong (wish I had), but I also hear he is very solid in that position, so IMO you should level him up if you do have the materials, he should work great with BT buff.

I used K for a long time too like @AirHawk and recently transitioned to Fong.

I think Fong helps me maintain trophies at 2250 to 2350, whereas K was more 2150 to 2300

Fong’s better because K is all about wasting time and stalling

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Thank you guys for the reply’s. That’s exactly what I needed. I hover around 2000-2300 cups at the moment.

I’ll move fong to tank and flank BT. Kash will stop at 3/60 and be used in AW now.

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Cool, K is still worth ascending though as he’s a tough cookie in events and can take big hits. He is also OK in flank (not the best but helpful).

But yeah Drake first

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