Kashrek and Sha ji hero cards blacked out


Hi these two heros are just black when viewing thier cards on my phone this a known bug and how can I fix it?


Updated so heros can now be seen.



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I’d try a hard restart of your phone. It looks like you’ve got a video memory issue or leakage problem, and/or there was n incomplete download of the video assets.


Restarted and updated…

No good


You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. (I’m making stuff up, you realize?)


LoL Kerridoc you sound like the IT guys…


Try shaking you finger at it and scolding like a small child…make sure gestures are enabled…

spanking may work…

if all else fails, wait for it to get tierd then dangle the charger in front of the camera… “you want this? wiggle wiggle


Usually, uninstalling and reinstalling the game will help. Unless there is something wrong with the phone. Ie, software or hardware.
Uninstall the game, run space clean up, scan for viruses…certain / latest patch may available from the respective phone’s manufacturer. Finally reinstall the game from googleplay(android user).

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