Kashhrek or Colen

I have enough materials to ascend one of them, and I’m only a compass away from ascending both, so really it’s who first. I have no 5 stars but in fairness am loaded with 8 4 stars of which only 3 are ready for Ascension at the minute anyway. My other 4 stars are, boril, li xiu, Grimm, skittleskull, Jabbar and hu tao. Maybe it’s worth waiting out for one of these instead? Advice appreciated.

I’ve seen people blow hot and cold on Colen.

Personally, I enjoy using him on raid attack, farming and quests. The ongoing damage is very satisfying when you’re on the ropes and your enemies burn to crisp just before finishing you off!

Kashhrek is obviously a very popular tank on defense so where do you struggle with results?

Honestly, I would not level any of those past 3^60.

Get some gems and pull from Guardians.

You can have a team of maxed 4s, but starting a team from a couple foundation heroes is netter.

Imho, neither :slight_smile:

Both a considered 2nd tier chars, to be leveled after the ones that matter.

I made the mistake to level Skittle as my first green and then had to wait patiently a few months to acquire new mats fir when Melendor and Caedmon came :slight_smile:

Save it for now. Work on Boril as he’s an awesome tank.

Your best 4* is Grimm, I’d make sure to keep enough mats around for him at the least.

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I’d queue Grimm, then Boril if you wanted to boost your offensive power first; reverse if you want to bolster your defense team.

After that, it depends where you’re at in overall level. If you’re around the 1000-1500 cup level, then Colen’s AoE can prove fairly devestating against similarly ranked players. Above 1500 cups, I feel Li Xiu would prove more useful. As for Hu Tao & Skittles, leave them & wait for better options.

Boril, Kash and Colen are all 3, 60
Grimm is 3, 25
The others are here or there, Jabbar is about 2, 40.

I’m one item off ascending a blue 4 star, but tbh with the prospects of getting a 5 star being small I’m happy to go with the 4 stars and see what happens. I’m big into raids and wars and my current set up from left to right is,
Tyrum, boril, Kash, Colen and Grimm/bane depending on what the opposition is. My aim was to level up Grimm once I can. I’m a big fan of Colen and Kash seems good enough at his current level.

I would honestly just wait and level Grimm instead. If you’re waiting on a cape, rare quest Frostmarch should be popping up in about 10 ish days or so. It’s worth it to wait because you’ll never regret ascending Grimm.


I have Grimm, Kiril, Boril, Sonya at 3^60. None of them are end-game quality.

My team evolves. Grimm would mess up the gene pool. It all depends on how long you wish to be in mid-game.

There is no end game…

Grimm is a great hero and I am glad I maxed him. Sonya is on her way now and I will take her to 70 and not look back.

Unless you have some of the HOTM or blue event heros all you mentioned besides maybe Boril are worth maxing.

Actually, there is.

If I maxed any of those blue heroes before a foundation hero, I would never get there.

An example is my red roster. I have Azlar, Natalya, Scarlett, BT, Colen, Gormek, Kelile and maybe another all at ^60. I had materials for ascending, but, other than Azlar, I did not see anything more than gold tier. Then came G Falcon with Gravemaker right behind. Moved from 1800 to mid-2100 cups with a 2300 high.

Now that I have gotten to that gold tier, I have mats that would max 4s in every missing color and have left-overs but prefer to wait. I can have 4000 team power but be stuck at that level with losses every time I turn around.

Playing the long game.

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It is a long game.

I don’t wait on some heros to ascend. I never know when better ones will come. I may be waiting on ascension materials but hey who isn’t.

I do have heros at this point I don’t know when I will take them past 60 to be honest. Depends what comes in and what I have. I plan on having everyone maxed at one point.

I am not to rushed about cup range. Haven’t cracked diamond yet but sit in Platinum all the time now.

I like having options. Right now for events I don’t really have any. Hit hard, hit fast, and try not to let the bosses kill me. That is my only strategy. I would like to have some choices. Especially doubling strong color, dragging it out with some cool specials working together. Just some different stuff other than the old shoot fast and hard method.

Everyone has their own way which is why I think I got into this game.

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Did mis-represent my level: platinum not gold.

Good luck on your path.

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you too…are you a moderator yet?

No, they make me write out all 20


I think you need to max at least a rainbow team of 4* so that they can help you obtain the materials for 5* and more. I would say max 2 teams of rainbow 4* and even more so that you can be more versatile in raids/titans/wars/events/quests. This versatility will allow you to complete more end stages of events and quests to obtain more materials, fight higher titans for more materials, and get to platinum to get that ascension roll chance in your raid chest. Kiril is definitely a late game hero you’ll use all the time still especially against red titans and unless you have Athena or Isarnia, Grimmm/Gormek/Tiburtus will still be your go to general defense downs.

Edit: Sorry might have misread Boril as Kiril.

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If you dont know how to use your 4 stars its your lost. Honestly, there are many 4 stars that are better than 5 stars. You cant straight up jump to 5 stars from day 1. This game need to be done step by step. If your goal is to just max out 5 stars and ignore your 4 stars, then you’ll be suffering because not only ascension wall but also mismanagement of your resources, food, feeder heroes. Honestly, a maxed 4 star team can pretty much tackle any hard task like scoring well on titan, complete rare quest,challenge and special event.

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this is why I am not

Also, what is your definition of foundation heroes? If 4 stars :

General purpose

Att Buff : BT/Kiril
Def Debuff : Grimm/Gormek/Tibu
Dispeller : Caedmon/Sonya/Sabina/Melendor
Cleanser :Rigard
Titan : Wukong


Notable tank : Kashhrek, Boril, Colen, Lixiu
Other position : LJ

You know what, forget I asked, of course your foundation are 5 stars.

Ok, Koko. Yes, some 5* heroes are foundation material. I have maxed Gravemaker. Azlar, Natalya, Locke, Elk, Justice, Leo are in my roster 2^60.

4* Wu is always in the mix. He is foundation as a titan fighter.

Strong auxiliaries Gretel and G Falcon round out my four maxed heroes. That designation marks them as sidekicks to foundation heroes.

I have saved almost 6000 gems to pull at the Guardians event summons. If a G Panther or Jackal drop, I will start leveling them as one each foundation and auxiliary. Viv, Sartana, Magni, Lianna are on wishlist. Gregorian would go far, too.

I have over 25 million hams and 7000 recruits stashed. Also, 2x tc11 are cooking.

All because I can’t manage.

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