Kashhrek or Buddy

I have those 2 guy’s Kashhrek and Buddy and I want to build my defence team quite strong and kashhrek is on tier 3/1 and I have a fight with a guy who has Buddy and I just really can’t put him down. So my question is I should stop to work on Kashhrek and start to Buddy or I should keep going to level up kashhrek?? My current defence team is
Skittlescull tier 4/45
Li Xiu tier 3/60
Boss Wolf tier 3/13
Gormek tier 4/1
Kiril tier 4/45
And the second question is witch one of those 5 guy’s in defence I should replace if I use Kashhrek or Buddy coz all are nature??

You lack punch on your Defense but in saying that Buddy probably isn’t the option. Kashrek as a tank will take you far in this game and you got Boss Wolf who can take over when you ascend him completely.

Kash is a wise defense investment but ultimately you’ll want both guys levelled.

Also, get Li topped up as she will help you greatly on D and attack.

Ok is fine but now witch one I should replace if I put Kashhrek there? Tks

I’d leave out Boss until you get him to 4th tier… he’s not helping your Defense until then.

If you need a tank - Kash. If not - Buddy.

Your current team already has 2 tank types: Li Xiu and Wolf.

No need to up Kash.

Buddy is great but I dont see any other hitters in your team so Skittle will provide the extra punch since you already have Gormek for debuff. Kiril is your healer/buffer.

Do you have any other hitters in your roster?

Buddy works as a tank too…


Buddy, way more flexible.

Buddy good for raid team, blue titans, war depth.

Kash good for defense squad.

In My H Opinion

Edit: Buddy actually has better defensive stats than Kash. So, Buddy.

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Depends on the team.
In your team are good fighters, so Kash should be better.
Keeps your fighters and Kiril alive.

Kiril center next to Kash and Kash to protect the weakest attacker…

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