Kashhrek is too powerful in raids

This coming from someone who has him, but nearly every time I have come up against him in raids, especially as tank, he is just too overpowered. In particular the speed with which he gains mana. It needs nerfed a little. Anyone else think this?


No he is not too powerful. I don’t know which trophy level you are at but he is definitely not the hardest tank to kill.

He is for sure the best 4* tank there is and I still use him in the diamond league until I finished upping the better tanks.

You probably need to color stack red to beat him. I am also guessing you are using a rainbow team of 3 or 4 stars.


He one of the best tanks in the game, especially at his * level. Good Luck offensive raiding with him though. I think it’s important that the game have a good mix of heroes with different strengths and weaknesses and I think Kashrek demonstrates this nicely.


beat him with a def debuf like Gormek and a fast hit like kelile/scarlett

at least you need to have a team with two red heroes

kash is a huge PV bag, but not cheated and he don"t need to be nerfed


He is tough, but not unbeatable.

I take a dispeller and two high damage reds - typically Caedmon, Scarlett and Colen or Boldtusk if I want a heal too.


Maybe stack all the 4* reds you have eg. 3 reds plus two healers of different colours - I use Boldtusk, Scarlett and Kelile

Kashhrek… cursed lizard… it’s not his heal… nor his mana speed… is his damned fire defense buff… I raid against him often using Gormek almost maxed, Colen 3/60 and Kelile 3/60 and Sabina 3/60 as healer / debuffer, plus one maxed 3* of a different color… well… I certainly can tell you this… unless I get six red tiles on him before he uses his special, it’s pretty much game over despite overstacking three reds… I tend to avoid him while I hunt for green tanks, unless I get a very good trophy ratio, at very least 45 / 16.


Yeah, I would say that at a certain team level he’s definitely irritating, but once you get a couple of decent but not particularly rare reds then you can smash him. I’ve got BT and Kelile maxed and I’ll take on Kashrek tanks all day. Any combo of BT, Kelile, Gormek, Scarlett, or Sumo should be able to take him out and all are fairly common.


I honestly love raiding team with central healers, so no, i quite think the opposite.

Beeing able to pump mana and receive little to no damage on your side in the process is a huge benefit for the attacker in my eyes.

And Kashrek heal only 3, so you can even keep shooting tiles on him and kill the wings with specials.
Then you can simply ghost there.


Our alliance lost last war because of Kashhrek. And we lost spectacularly :-D, 1100 points was the difference between us and the other alliance. They placed Kash in almost every defense team and it gave us a really hard time with his healing, fire buff and field aid.


His is a good option for my mono-tanks because he needs a reasonably specific counter.

But most good tanks can be used like that.

Yep, that’s actually one of the reasons why I’ve gone out of my way to build a deep red bench, even 3*, because of teams tendency to load up on Kash in AW.


Yeah, I have reasonably deep bench and I think it was the main reason I was the only one in our alliance who defeated 6 teams, because I always can double up on red. We usually score over 4000 points, this time we barely cross 3000 threshold.

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Kashrek has like a dozen counters
Debuff the heal
Stack red
Burn him down
Use Hansel, Peters, hel, proteus
Use persues or any heal reducer

If kash had 5* stats (and a power drain) he would be broken (or named Guinevere and everyone would cry when you said he needed a nerf) but he’s just to easily killed (and doesn’t have a power drain)…


My preferred raid team is a red stack… Marjanna (3/70), Scarlett (max), & Kelile (3/60). I search for nature tanks but almost always reroll on Kash even though i have Sabs to debuff him. He is a tough tank at mid-platinum.


He is my tank on defence, fully levelled, and there is no shortage of teams happy to take him on. With some success!

He is an incredible 4* tank, but definitely not op

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To be fair, Kash has stats of a 5*, except attack value of course. Nevertheless, 648 defense and 1321 hp are very good stats, a lot of regular 5* heroes doesn’t have such values. I agree he can be easily defeated in many ways and if we’re speaking only of raids, it shouldn’t be much difficult. I use (but it’s very rare to encounter him in diamond) GM, Wilbur/Gormek/Falcon, Boldtusk or Hansel, Melendor, Gregorion, if he’s surrounded by 2 blues, it’s even doable with 3 blues, so Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, or you can use for instance Gafar, Tiburtus and Merlin, so many possibilities :slight_smile:

He’s niche. Nerfing him would leave him without even a niche. I don’t know why you’d want to do that.


Wallah … Kashrek is too powerful and unbeatble if you flank him with Guinny.
Daaaaayum … this is so funny :joy:

You could kill him with ease once you’ll charge your specials. If you want to bring red heroes then try to bing at least one dispeller or you could have some problems.


I’m not saying his stats aren’t good but even my damage and support green 5* has higher defense and/or hitpoints. Take a look at hero’s like illana who is a pure original release damage dealer 718/1248 and she doesn’t even have the power creep like Recent hotm like gregorian 710/1351. Kash is a decent tank but not to hard by any stretch. There is just more and more ways to counter hero’s like him. Even including the next fall event that introduces heal siphons.

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