Kashhrek charges under Proteus debuff

I wasn’t able to screenshot the press-hold to show the debuff statuses.

Kashhrek has just fired (when I went WTF?!) and the +fire has 3 turns remaining.
The Proteus poison & debuff has 1 turn remaining, so Kashhrek has been under its effect for 2 turns.

His costume is a sorcerer so he has no immune ability, and if so wouldn’t be showing the debuff anyways. Should not have been able to charge.

This happened this morning during the tournament.

Did Kashrek have the S in his mana bar when you released Proteus’s ability?

Heroes do not wait turns to fire their special. Proteus’ debuff lasts 3 turns, there was 1 turn remaining.

As I can see in the picture, Kashrek didn’t charge after that you released Proteus’s ability, Li Xiu must have resisted as a monk and Kirill’s mana is frozen.

If you released Proteus when Kashrek was fully charged, then Kashrek would’ve heal and then his mana bar would’ve frozen (as it really happened).


You are saying that Kashhrek fired the previous turn?

Your scenario would be reasonable, but then in the screen above the fire buff would be at 2 turns remaining and not 3. He just fired, and that is why the middle is at full health. He had been under the Proteus debuff for 2 turns (3 - 1 = 2).


Then it could be a bug. :thinking:

In the situation I described, Kashrek should have had fire buff for 1 or 2 turns, because as you said, he was affected by Proteus.

It’s hard to guess just with one picture. Sorry for not being helpful enough.:pray:t4::man_shrugging:t4:

If I had been able to grab the push-hold on Kash as well, it would have been crystal clear. Wouldn’t even need an explanation. But it’s a touchy 3-finger operation.

3 turns on fire buff, 1 turn on Proteus. Checked it 3 times. Problem somewhere. Maybe it’s the turn counter on Proteus? Dunno.

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