Kashhrek-C vs Kadilen for Tank

We are running green tanks in my alliance. My defense is currently:
Vivica: Freya: Kash-C: Richard: Jean-Francois

Kashhrek-C has eleven nodes/talent grid levels on him. I also have Kadilen at 4-59. When I get her to 4-80 will she make a better war tank than my Kash-C? If not, where should I use her?

  • Kash-C for Raid and War Defense
  • Kash-C only for Raid Defense
  • Kash-C only for War Defense
  • Kadilen for Raid and War Defense

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Кашрек в костюме очень будет хорош

Before we decide what is better for tank, I must know, why there is Vivica on wing and JF on wing?

LOL, good question @Cerevan_the_Omni ! My thinking was that Viv took a while to charge so I had put her out there to give her time. With JF, it was because Richard is “tankier” so I thought he would give a little protection to JF.

From your question, I imagine you think there is a better placement. I’m open to suggestions on where to put them!

Спасибо @Artemdanilov !

What are your other 5* options if you maybe have any?

If playing C. Kasshrek, this lineup lacks dmg. You already have a healer+ defense buffer in Freya, so rather bring damage dealer instead of Vivica. Freya would move to wing.

JF and Richard would take the flanks. You would still need one dmg dealer for wing position, preferably fast or atleast average speed.

That’s the thing you don’t put slow hereos on the wing or they will never fire especially if it’s a healer because they will be no one left to heal.

For JF it’s for 3 things. First the opponent will have plenty of time to charge a cleanser by the time JF fire. Second, you won’t benefit neither to it’s reverse defense down on the wing. And finally it’s a better synergie to have your centre being red-green-blue.

I don’t really like healers on defense they just are too passive so if you have someone else to replace vivica it may be a better choice.

In any case you can’t use kashhrek with vivica and freya that defense is just too passive and therefore easy to kill. The opponent just have to throw tiles at kashh, charge up all its hereos, kill Magni and the game is basically over cause no one else can do damages… So of course replace it by Kadilen!!

@Cerevan_the_Omni I have Joon but he’s 3-70 while I wait on ascension materials. I assume that he would be a logical replacement for Viv in your scenario so I’ll keep that in mind.

I don’t have any other 5*'s that are worth considering (Horghall, Justice, and Khagan are at 1-1)

Thanks @Artamiss, I’ll try Kadilen at tank once I get her to 4-80. Once I get the remaining materials, I can bring Joon from 3-70 to 4-80 and that will change things up!

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