Karnov in on titans?

I understand Karnov could be useful against yellow titans. I already have a pretty strong team, however, so I’m uncertain if he would improve it much and if so whom to skip. I use Miki, Kunchen, G. Panther and fully emblemed Ursena and Seshat. It would have to be one of the latter two, but Ursena’s reflect is pretty cool and both have higher tile dmg than Karnov. What do you think?

I don’t have Karnov, but he seems to be like the blue 4* Joot and Ratatoskr in green.

Maybe he has lower attack stats, but his ability is really powerful combined with Miki and both defense down.

Maybe I’d sacrifice the yellow reflect of Ursena, as I find Seshat’s elemental mana generation more valuable. However, there are players who hate attack titans with heroes that generate minions as they make lose time.

One more thing, if Miki silents the titan, it’s supposed that Ursena’s yellow reflection wouldn’t make sense, as the titan couldn’t release his special.


Seshat could go, minions are bad for titans.
Miki can prevent the titan from casting specials but you can still need Ursena to not lose time by mana potion-powering up a healer in the cased he wouldn’t be silenced.


I think mana generation is not cruitial, and she has minion which is make slower… instead much make more sense is critical chance element link it is.
So, Grimble can be as candidate. But, yes he is low attack.

My current dark team for holy titan: RigardC - Panther - TiburtusCB - Onyx - Miki
I use Onyx+19, and was Ursena+20 in that place.
Sometimes I swap RigardC with Ursena, if I use bear banner.


To maximize Karnov, you need to use Scrolls of Alteration. That’s how Ratatoskr and Jott are fully used and optimized. Somewhat tricky to use since the Scrolls may tend to immediately match those favorable tiles on the board prior to you casting those heroes skills. But when you are lucky, you’ll be seeing 200k+ damage on certain titans.


Agree,… use Karnov if we plan to use Scrolls of Alteration, specially againts Mythic Titan.


Anyone use Cheshire Cat consistently against yellow titans? Setting aside Malicna, he has the highest defense debuff among purple heroes at - 44%. I once planned to emblem mine for survivability, but scrapped the plan since I use all my sorcerer emblems to Mitsuko+20, Uraeus (soon to be +20 after I strip Skittle of her emblems), and Sabina for her costume version.

I use CCat only on Mythic Titan, But I use TibsCB for regular titan because of emblem +20 on attack path.
And I plan to use my sorcerer for Almur, but I already have Evelyn, and Mythic Titan Ice have resist defense ailment… duh :man_facepalming: But Almur can be as war depth and for Ninja Tower though… but I think I will change my mind to emblem CCat, will see later, thanks for mentioning this.

I currently leveling her costume version, almost max, and would try to use her functionality, because it is like Onyx and I like this. And plan to emblem her. Why do you plan to reset her?

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I swapped out my Grimm +18 on my mono blue titan team for Jott at 4/70 (still had Isarnia). Within three hits I set a new personal best. The items I brought include turtle banners, small mana, time stop, antidotes.

I would easily replace one of the last two.

My Yellow titan team:

Personal Best without tornadoes and Scrolls of Alteration is 130k with this team. Before Karnov I used Ursena and never broke 100k. If I want a huge titan hit, I sub in Scrolls and Tornadoes, highest hit is 204k


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