🦹‍♂ Karnov – 5* Dark/ Purple from League of Villains

he is not really threatening like alfrike, this is the huge blunder make him slow!!!

The best hero of the bunch, he’s slow for good reason, his attack stat plus his 290% to all is pretty good, at slow mana yes but that’s only the first part of the special. Those enhanced tiles are devastating, pair those with elemental and regular defensive down and you’ll cripple a team in a hurry. Also, those enhanced tiles stay active during war equalizer.
Check this event and others, you’ll see Jott in the mix for both epic and legendary, a 4* that helps you place in top 100, now we have a 5*

Rush war: :heavy_check_mark:
War equalizer: :heavy_check_mark:
Rush tournaments: :heavy_check_mark:
Events: :heavy_check_mark:
Titans: :heavy_check_mark:
Mythic titans: :heavy_check_mark:

He checks enough boxes for me to want and level, sadly I used my free pulls and no go 🤷


I got him and would literally rather have Isrod Toxicandra, Crystalis or Asterius…
Dark Lord is better too, but I got Costume Domitia and Onyx so I dont feel he would add that much to my roster

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He is useless on defence tbh. If you’re running him, you’ll put him on yurple to weaken dark tiles but this means your yellows will be slower too, as if his slow speed isn’t enough punishment already. He’s only meant for a dark stack.

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His debuff for allies makes no sense at all. But SG has ■■■■ the bed on hero balance for a long time now.

Quintus → Ursena → Killhare → Karnov

It’d nice if they were all useful in their own way, but they’re not. SG really needs to do some work leveling out these heroes.

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Karnov is a beast against yellow titans. I’ve been averaging over 100k/hit with him in the lineup.

I have him maxed out and besides yellow titans, he helps in raids and against a team with more than one purple or yellow heroes. With the purples, the purple tiles barely scratch you but hit them hard.


I don’t have Karnov, but I imagine he would be very powerful against the current mythic titan, Gilgamesh. He would negate the special skill effect of Gilgamesh (weakened Dark tiles).

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He absolutely helped on the mythic titan. I ended up in the top 1% and Karnov was key to achieving those scores. I really don’t use him much other than on yellow titans.

One reason for that is because I’m putting the emblems on another hero right now. I may put some emblems on Karnov once I get enough on the other hero. If I get him bumped up, he could be useful in other situations.

But as a yellow titans specialist for now, he’s worth it for sure. Getting higher scores and better titan loot. We are doing 14* titans so the loot is as good as it gets. I’m the only one in my alliance that has him maxed so I’m always in A+ loot on yellow titans unless someone levels up and gets more titan flags. I’ve gotten a few 4* ascension materials as a result, so he was definitely worth using my tabbards on.


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