Karma chameleon

Red gold and green…

So what to level… mainly as I have no other options and I prob won’t be doing any pulls for probably 2 months as will save for somthing.
Looking at VF wars really iv got mats that no probs, emblems ill explain. Tank colours can change in our alliance.

Red - elena - 0 emblems
Ruben - 0 emblems
Azlar - I can emblem
Kahgan I can emblem

Green - C. Horguall - I can emblem
Bertila - 0 emblems

Ah yes gold wu-kong I have miki so… Would leveling wu be worth it, only place I probably use is MT after miki has negative mana…
Is the recuits food mats worth it.

Here is a song… https://youtu.be/JmcA9LIIXWw

I’m somewhat disappointed you don’t have Chameleon to level…


But Bertila is the most interesting option there I think

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I would do Bertila or Khagan. That said I maxed Bertila and was not overly impressed. She hits hard but I have a lot of good fast and average mana greens so they dont sync well enough.


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Me too 50 pulls at teltoc got me nothing really haaha
So I was like ok Im gonna play with what I got.

I mean I love my Khagan but he’s an event beast. If you are wanting to finish Legendary higher then he’s going to help you no end.

But for general play Bertila has more utility I feel

None of them will make defence or my raid set ups. Its for VF war / tournaments… defense and offence.
I’m prob gonna do Khagan alot of damage.

@Chadmo how does bertila favour now.

He is amazing post buff. I’ve been running legendary with this set up today. Never disappointed

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Sorry, been out of town. Can’t say I use Bertila on my defense in BFF wars with a 19 emblems Frigg. I’m not willing to invest enough emblems for her. Fun to use though

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